love and acceptance: love is yours. recognise your divine worth. choose loving thoughts.


Do you ever feel frustrated about something? You feel like you're just not getting anywhere. You're banging your head against a brick wall. Or no matter which way you turn there seems to be a barrier.

Hope is here to remind you that hope is not hoping that things are going to work out and that help is coming, the beautiful angel of Hope os here today to let you know that help is already here. You just need to trust. The support that you need is already here. You just need to trust.

There are only two things that stand out for me in this most beautiful card: the colour yellow and the lotus flower.

The card, itself, has got such a beautiful energy about it. Hope has such a gentle energy about her and, yet, such a vibrancy as well.

Whenever Hope arrives, it feels like the frustrations and the darkness we may be walking through disappear because her light shines through and let's us know that she is here and she is supporting us and guiding us as well as any other angels and archangels we may need to get us through to the other side.

The colour yellow, for me, is the colour of positivity, optimism, and self-belief.

Whenever you are feeling frustrated, whenever you feel unworthy, whenever you're questioning your place here on earth, those feelings can really bring you down and bring you under. Hope's here to remind you to stay positive and to stay optimistic because you are here for something really special. Love and accept yourself because you are unique. You are special. You are here for a reason.

So focus and stay positive because the angels are all surrounding you and cheering you on. You are not on your own.

Yellow is also the colour of self-belief. Whenever you feel unworthy, flip that around and believe in yourself. Believe how worthy you are. How worthy you are of love, how worthy you are of abundance, how worthy you are of success. Don't let the darkness, the blocks of frustration, anger, or anyone else stand in your way because you are worthy. Have that belief in yourself.

And then I mentioned the lotus flower. I love the symbol of the lotus flower. It has so many meanings behind it.

Let me tell you a bit about a lotus flower if you don't yet know what a lotus flower is.

The lotus flower's roots are always deep in the murky, muddy base of a lake or pond or wherever the lotus may be flowering. The roots never see the light. It's really dark and, yet, the lotus flower, itself, grows from those roots and slowly rises through that murky and muddy water until it rises to the surface. And when it rises to the surface and reveals its beauty, you wouldn't know it had had to climb and swim through muddy water because there is no mud on it. Its waxed petals do not let the mud stay on it.

So the lotus flower here on the card is saying, don't let anything that's muddied you or anything that's murky or dark, don't let it stick to you. Be like the lotus petals and let the wax allow that mud to slide off, so your true radiance and beauty can shine through.

The other thing about a lotus flower is that it always returns under the water every evening and everyday it re-emerges as a beautiful new flower. What that's saying to us today in relation to what Hope's message is that things will pull you under at times, things can become tough, things can become a struggle and a challenge, but don't let them pull you under forever. Rise above them so you, again, can reveal and be almost reborn every day to a fresh new day. The challenges and the problems and the struggles of yesterday have no bearing on today because you rise through the muddy water and you reveal your beauty once more again.

And, finally, another message through the lotus flower from Hope today. It's all about how the lotus flower opens. It doesn't just rise through the water, come to the surface and just beautifully open. It opens one petal at a time, very slowly. So it doesn't reveal its radiance and its beauty all at once. It reveals it one petal at a time.

What does that say to us today?

That's saying that things may pull you under but you need to keep rising above so that you can reveal your beauty, your vibrancy, your uniqueness one petal at a time. It's almost like the spiritual journey. You can't suddenly decide to start your spiritual journey and finish it within a day. That's not going to happen. You open your spiritual soul within your human body, opening one petal at a time.

So, although challenges may come along, know in yourself that you are revealing your uniqueness, that you are worthy of love and acceptance. And whenever those dark thoughts come into your head that you're not worthy, you're not worthy of love, you're not worthy of success, you're not worthy of abundance, you're not worthy of anything, remember that you are a lotus flower. Remember your radiance and how that radiance is so strong that it is rebirthed every day; it's so resilient. And that radiance is revealing itself, through time. Not all at once. It does take time. But it is revealing itself through time.

So this beautiful angel of Hope, one of the trinity of Love, Hope and Charity, is coming to us to say today, "You have it in you. Don't just dream and hope that something is going to happen, because we are with you already. And you are shining your light. Keep shining it even whenever you get pulled under by the muddied, murky waters. Don't let them suffocate and drown you. Always rise above. We are here celebrating you and supporting you and wanting you to believe in yourself."

Reference: This beautiful card is from Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses

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