lip butters: how often is too often?

I was sitting on the train the other day, opposite a young girl in her 20's, and she was applying a lip balm to her lips. The train journey lasted around 45 minutes and in that time the girl had applied her lip balm at least 3 times!

And I started thinking "How often is too often?" Should we really be applying a lip balm so often?

Then I thought: "What's the purpose of a lip balm?"... "What do we want it to do to our lips?"

Well the answer is that we want it to keep our lips moisturised... anything after that is a bonus.

But if you're applying your favourite lip balm so regularly, is it really keeping your lips moisturised? I don't think so.

All moisturising, nourishing and hydrating products should last for much longer than a mere 15 minutes (or so). Imagine applying a moisturiser to your skin. You apply once or twice a day, right? How would you feel if you're having to apply it regularly throughout the day? You'd think it wasn't working, right?

So why do you think your lip balm is working if you're having to apply it so regularly?

I appreciate that the skin on our lips is thinner than on other parts of our body and it is one of the areas most exposed to the elements. And I also appreciate it can react to differences in temperatures eg going from being inside to outside. But that doesn't mean you should be applying your lip balm so regularly.

And, here's another thing to consider if you have naturally dry or chapped lips... Is you lip balm helping to alieve your lips? Or are your lips still dry and chapped?

Some things to think about, yeah?

Here's the thing.

Most lip products on the market are predominantly made from petroleum jelly. And I have to admit, I'm not a fan of this ingredient.


Well firstly, it is very environmentally un-friendly because it's a byproduct from oil, a non-renewable resource. Now I'm not saying that by stopping using skincare products containing petroleum jelly we're suddenly going to save the planet. Because it is, after all, only a by-product of the oil industry. But I'm looking at the big picture. It is a by-product of the oil industry and that industry is not eco-friendly and is causing damage to our planet.

Secondly, I believe, it's unhealthy for your lips and that it does lead to drying and chapped lips.

You see, when you apply petroleum jelly to your lips, you're creating a barrier on your lips. Barriers are good as they prevent free radicals and environmental pollutants from entering your skin. However when you apply a barrier that barrier has to allow your skin to breathe and allow toxins to leave your skin. But petroleum jelly doesn't do this. It's a bit like wrapping your lips in clingfilm (or plastic wrap). So rather than nourishing your lips, it seals your lips preventing your lips from breathing.

Now here's the (controversial) thing.

There are a ton of debates out there about the use of petroleum jelly on your lips. Some people swear by it, some Scientists and Dermatologists even declare that it makes an excellent lip moisturiser because it sits on top of the lips and doesn't allow natural moisture to escape. Who am I to say that these experts are wrong by recommending you don't use it?

But is there something they're all missing? Is there something they haven't considered? Perhaps the fact that petroleum jelly seals your lips is actually not a healthy thing as your lips can't breathe?

I have spoken to customers who have used petroleum jelly on their lips and I have watched people who apply it, like the girl on my train ride. And I have heard and seen that petroleum jelly makes women's lips feel drier, they feel they need to use it more often, and they all say that it doesn't prevent dried or chapped lips. It's like a quick fix that, I feel, gives you the illusion that your lips are hydrated... in the moment.

But what about hydrating your lips over a longer period of time? Is that not more important than a quick fix? Is that not more beneficial than a quick fix?

When I chat to customers who use my lip butters, I inevitably hear that their lips stay moisturised and soft for so much longer. That, where they suffered from dry lips, they now feel smooth and nourished. And they're much less prone to painful chapped lips:

"The lip balms leave my lips soft, smooth and moisturised all day and they never seem to run out! Complete Magic!" ~ Marie

"My daughter has a habit of picking her lips, which leaves them dry and sore and sometimes they bleed. I rush to my bag and grab a lip butter! I know that just after a few applications Beau's urge to pick her lips will decrease as her lips become softer, moisturised and less sore.These lip butters are like no others I have tried and as my daughter is a prolific picker, we've tried them all!" ~ Sharon

So, Beautiful, how often are you applying your lip balm? And, I wonder, now that you've read my thoughts, do you think you're applying yours too often?

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