hummingbird dreams


The message that we are receiving through this card comes from two items, alone, on this card. There were only two things that really caught my eye.

First the colour, the orangey colour. Whenever I saw the colour, the description I received for the colour was "burnt orange". And that brings a strong meaning for us.

And the other symbol on the card that brings the message to us is the hummingbird, which is part of the title, hummingbird dreams.

How do these both come together?

Well, let's consider the colour first because I feel what's happening in the card is the colour, burnt orange, is very present in your life and the hummingbird is coming to you to give you guidance with regards the burnt orange. That's how I feel this message is coming about.

When I think of orange, when I see the colour orange, for me it's about spiritual growth. However, it's not just orange on the card, it's burnt orange. Now, whenever someone is burnt it means they've suffered, usually it's in relation to a relationship. And they usually feel they've suffered because they've been badly treated. This is linking to our spiritual growth. I'm not saying that you're being badly treated by your spiritual growth. What I feel the burnt orange refers to is that in your spiritual growth, you feel you're not getting as far as you'd like to get, you feel you haven't grown as much as you'd have liked to have grown in the time that you've been walking your spiritual path, you're feeling that your connection with the angels, the Divine, loved ones who've crossed over, whatever spiritual connection you have - you feel it's not as strong as it should be. Maybe you feel the guidance you're receiving isn't as clear as it could be.

It feels like your spiritual growth, for you, doesn't quite feel as if it's on-track yet. You feel as if you should be a lot further along.

And the hummingbird is coming in with its message about how you're feeling about your spiritual growth at the moment.

Now, the hummingbird. Such a tiny bird but with so many symbolic meanings. And I feel there are a lot of its meanings that are very appropriate for this card.

One of the things about the hummingbird is that one of the species of the hummingbird is actually the smallest bird in the world. Hummingbirds, in general, are very small however one of its species, a certain type of hummingbird, is actually the smallest bird you'll ever find in the world.

I want to link the smallness with a trait. One of its traits is that it's incredibly important with regards pollination, in gathering pollen and moving it from flower to flower, just like bees are incredibly important to pollination. Let's take the smallness, the size, and the importance in pollination, and that brings a beautiful message to us. It's saying to us, no matter how small you may be in this world, no matter how  small you may feel in this world, you are incredibly important. What you have come here to do, who you have come here to be is unique but it's also so incredibly important. The world would not be the same without you. Sometimes, whenever we look outside, especially whenever the world is in turmoil and we think about, for example, our spiritual growth, you kind of start to put yourself down a little bit, "Why is my spiritual growth so important whenever the world is in such turmoil?" However, your spiritual growth is incredibly important, more now than ever especially whenever the world may be experiencing turmoil. Because, when you focus on your spiritual growth, you're focusing on bringing light to the world, you're focusing on raising your vibration. And if you don't focus on those things, you're not making this world a better place.

So, no matter how small and insignificant you may feel you are, you are not. You are so important to the world right now. And your spiritual growth is incredibly important. You may feel you haven't gotten as far as what you think you would have liked to by now, but the little hummingbird is coming to say, you're getting there, you're getting to shine your light.

There's a lightness to the hummingbird. Because it is so incredibly tiny, it's incredibly light. And it's saying, focus on the joy, focus on the lightness of life. Don't let how you perceive your spiritual growth to be, to pull you down because you are much further along your path than you think you are. We can be so critical of ourselves that we think we haven't gotten very far when, if you were somebody else looking into your life, you'd be, "Wow, look how far they have come in such a short period of time".

So, relish the lightness of life.

Another thing that's very obvious about a hummingbird is that they have a very long beak. And the reason for that is so they can go deep down into the flowers and gather the nectar. And nectar represents the sweetness of life. Hummingbirds love the sweetness of life. And it's coming here to say, you're being really hard on yourself, you're being really tough on your spiritual growth. It's about time you shook that off and you enjoyed the sweetness, you enjoyed the joy, you enjoyed the lightness that's around you. Praise yourself. Give yourself recognition for how far you've come. Celebrate the small steps. Again, another trait of the hummingbird - they've got incredibly tiny feet that they actually can't walk. They can perch, they can fly, but they cannot walk. If you've got really tiny feet, because you can't walk, you have to take really tiny steps. And that's saying, taking tiny steps is not a bad thing. Celebrate each and every one of those tiny steps.

The other thing about hummingbirds is how they fly. They're the only bird in the world that, the way their wings are structured their wings follow an 180degree angle and they move incredibly fast, and because of that they can hover for a long time. And whenever you hover, it's like you're standing still. Their wings are moving at a million miles an hour but it looks like they're standing still. And the message from that is pause and breathe. You are where you're meant to be. You are as far along in your spiritual journey as you're supposed to be. Your spiritual growth is at the stage it is meant to be. So just pause and breathe. Stop trying to fly ahead. Stop trying to push yourself further and faster because you are where you're meant to be. So just pause and breathe.

Also, because of the way that their wings are structured, hummingbirds are actually quite acrobatic flyers and they can even fly backwards. I don't know of any other bird that can fly backwards. In an instant, they can change direction, they can flit and they can change all over the place. What's special about that is it means they're flexible. Again, another message with regards to our spiritual growth from this beautiful little bird, this tiny, seemingly insignificant bird which is actually incredibly important to nature. It's saying, be flexible. Just because you think this is the route you have to go down, if things aren't falling into place, if life is making it a little difficult, stop and breathe, hover for a while, try to understand why things aren't falling quite into place like they should be. Maybe it's because you need to be more flexible. Maybe you need to change course a little bit. Maybe there are oportunities that have come onto your path that you haven't seen because you've been so focused in going a certain direction. You may have to bring some flexibility into your spiritual journey, into your spiritual growth.

The hummingbird, like I have said so many times, is incredibly tiny. However, if it loves a particular flower or if it is in a certain territory and another bird enters that territory, it will fight fiercely for that territory. It will take on any bird, any size and it will fight for that flower. They are incredibly fierce little birds. What message is the hummingbird bringing to us through that?

Well, the message he's bringing is, stand firm, stand firm in your beliefs. You have been looking at your spiritual journey, you have been looking at how much you've grown spiritually, and you feel you're not as far on as you should be. Maybe you're criticising yourself a little bit too much. This little bird is coming along to say, stand firm, believe, have faith. Again, the burnt orange is telling us, with regards to our spiritual growth where you may feel a little bit burnt, that things aren't quite working out the way you wanted. Again it is also saying, "have faith". The Universe has your back. You're walking this path for a reason. Enjoy the journey. Stop looking to the destination. And stand firm in the knowledge that you are on the right path for you, even if you do have to adjust it a little bit. In general, the path is right, stand firm, don't let anybody knock you off, don't let anybody talk you out of it.

The final thing about the hummingbird is, as its name suggests, it hums. The humming sound comes whenever it's fallping its wings so very fast. Whenever you hear somebody hum, what do you associate with that person? Well, personally, when I hear somebody humming, I think of the word 'contentment'. They're going about their day and they're humming away - it brings a concept of contentment, of satisfaction, of happiness. A lot of people hum and they don't even realise they're humming... which is lovely because you look at them and think they'are really content in life or they're really content with what they're doing at the moment. And that's the final message that this little guy wants to bring to us: be content. Shake off the burntness of the orange. You shouldn't feel burnt whenever you're walking your spiritual path. Have trust and have faith. Be content with where you are. Be content with how far you've come, how much you have grown. Because where you are is where you're meant to be. How far you have come is how far you've meant to come.

Have faith that you're on the right path. Have a little bit of flexibility when you need to. Be content at walking forward. Enjoy this spiritual journey, enjoy your spiritual growth. Enjoy life. And make sure that you shine your light brightly.

This card, from a colour and a symbol we have got such a deep message. It's all to do with our spiritual growth. And it's saying, enjoy, llighten up, be content with where you are.

The little hummingbird, so tiny and seemingly insignificant is incredibly important to life and to the pollination of flowers. And you, you as an individual in this world filled with other human beings, other animals, this great big world, you may at times feel insignificant but, no, never doubt yourself. You are so important. So enjoy life, enjoy your spiritual growth, find contentment, enjoy the sweetness of life and all the nectar that it brings to you. Sometimes you have to pause and breathe, sometimes you have to be flexible and move around, and sometimes you have to stand your ground and stand up for yourself. But it's important becauae you are important.

Enjoy the spiritual journey that you are on, that is unique to you but important as well.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Fairy Wisdom Oracle Deck by Amy Brown, written by Nancy Brown

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