if you get nervous, focus on service

Put your entire intention on answering the question "How can I make the world a better place?" and the Law of Attraction will automatically take care of your needs.

If you felt drawn to this card, if you have chosen to read the interpretation for this card, it means that your soul is calling you and you are listening.

You are being called to spiritually serve those around you, either as a healer, a leader, or a teacher. You are being called to make this world a better place.

And by listening to your soul's call, you are taking that first step.

However, it's important to continue to walk this path, taking one step after the next, not to feel overwhelmed by nerves or fear which can, and often do, arise when you step out of your comfort zone to follow your soul path and purpose.

The thought of serving others can cause anxiety, nervousness, and fear to rise up within you. This fear is merely your mind trying to keep you safe, trying to keep you from stepping forward, outside your comfort zone.

This fear has no bearing on your readiness, nor your ability to serve. For you already have all you need to know, deep within yourself. Your wisdom and knowledge is ready, waiting for you to take action.

To overcome your fear, to see beyond your fear, focus on your soul's purpose in this lifetime and follow your soul's path to serve others. Turn your mind away from the panic of "what if?": "What if I can't do it?", "What if people reject me?", "What if people don't like me?", "What if people don't pay me?", "What if people don't want me?"

Rather, turn your thoughts to what blessings you can give to those you touch when you serve. Serve from your higher self, not from your ego and fear-filled mind.

When you serve from your higher self, the worries of "what if?" no longer take hold because when you serve from your higher self and from a place of love, those you help, those who come to you, are those who see and appreciate your abilities; those you attract, value you in their lives; those you work with, love you and the healing you bring into their lives; and those who come to you will gladly and lovingly pay for the blessings you bestow on their lives.

When you serve from your higher self, the Universe will ensure that those who need you will find you and appreciate you, and, also, that your human, material needs are met.

This card is filled with so many beautiful colours. From the purples, pinks, and turquoises in the sky and on the angel, to the deep brown and purple of the earth beneath, split by the dark blue of the river, or path, beneath.

Purple is the colour of angelic connection. The angels are inviting you to connect with them, invite them on your journey so they can support and guide you, as, indeed, the angel in this card is doing through her candlelight.

Pink is the colour of compassion. When your fears and worries rise to the surface, when your ego mind is desperately trying to keep you safe, be kind and gentle to it, be compassionate to yourself. Honour those feelings and then release them so you may tune into your higher self and your inner wisdom.

Turquoise is the colour of communication. Communicate your fear and worries to the angels, they are listening and are wanting to support and guide you. Release your fears and worries to them, don't let them weigh and burden you as you walk your path.

Brown is the colour of Mother Earth, of nature. Its presence often invites us to return to our true self, our true essence. With so much brown present in this card, we are invited to return to our true selves, to do what feels most natural to us. Many of us go through life doing jobs that don't light us up, living lives that aren't fulfilling, simply because we come from a place of fear - we fear not having enough money, we fear standing out from the crowd, we fear not towing the societal and familial line. If what we are doing is not lighting us up. If our jobs and our lives don't make us jump out of bed every day, then it's time to go inward, look inward and discover who you truly are at soul level.

The brown in the angel's wings shows us that when we ask the angels, they can help guide and support us in finding our inner light. The brown in the earth below shows us how far removed we may be from our true, natural and authentic self.

Finally, let's look at the dark blue of the river or path beneath. Dark blue is the colour of strength. Put simply, when we uncover our path and choose to walk our path, we shall uncover our true inner strength. And from that strength our light shall shine brightly.

The symbol on this card, that I want to focus on, is the candle that the angel is holding. Candles tend to give out a dim light. When you carry a candle while you walk, you tend to only see the next step, or next couple of steps, ahead. And this is significant. All too often we don't take the first steps because we can't see the end steps - we can't see the final destination. And most of us aren't risk takers. We like to see and know the full picture.

However, the angel here is telling us that when we ask the angels to guide us, we simply have to trust their guidance. We do not need to see the whole path ahead, it's simply enough to see one step at a time and to trust that we are being truly guided.

If this card has resonated with you, if it's touched your heart, then heed that call and take action. Choosing to connect with the true you, your soul, your authetic-self, and following your soul path is not the easy option. However, it's the most fulfilling option, because it brings your true essence to the surface, your true strengths, and allows your light to shine brightest.

Allow the Universe to take care of you as you walk your path. Don't let the fear and doubts of the ego mind take over.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Therapy Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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