Reflect and redirect your energy

I'm pretty excited about the card the angels have drawn for us because they were very persistent in choosing the right card for today's interpretation. When I say "persistent", there were a few cards that gently slipped out of the deck as I was shuffling them. As always, I check in with the angels to see if any of these cards should be included in the interpretation and each and every time they said "no", which is pretty unusual. Just as I was about to stop shuffling and energetically select a card myself, this "Impasse" card leapt from the pack with real gusto and when I checked in with the angels they were very enthusiastic that this is the card for today.

I'm also excited about today's card as it is one I have never pulled before... ever. I love this deck of angel cards and use it regularly but have never before interpreted this card.

On top of that, there are some new symbols appearing today that have never appeared before, namely the wall, squirrel and toadstool mushrooms. So I've been busy checking in with the angels to determine what each of these symbolise.

The first symbol I want to touch on is the wall which feels close yet is 'sitting at the end' of the picture on this card. Every symbol, every colour seems to be on this side of the wall. We cannot see anything on the other side of the wall.

So this says to me that we should only consider what's directly in front of us and not try to predict what's ahead of us.

The wall is an obstacle in our path. Depending on the height of the wall, you could try to climb over it and continue along the same path, but as we cannot see what's on the other side, I feel this is not the option the angels are inviting us to take. I feel the wall is telling us to change direction and find another path. It may also be encouraging us to walk backwards (which is not a sign of failure). However the angels have been pretty clear that if you choose to walk backwards you are not to head back to exactly where you came from. So you may need to retrace a few of your steps before you find yourself with the opportunity to follow a new path.

So why has this wall appeared on our path?

This is where the other symbols come into play. Through them we can get a better picture of what's happening and what the angels are inviting us to do.

The squirrel feels important on this card. And when I checked in with the angels, they advised me that squirrels symbolise a hoarding nature, just like squirrels search for and hoard nuts. For us this implies that we are hoarding hurt feelings and/or things that are just not benefitting us or that we have no need for. The angels are asking us to let go of these and move on.

"Reflect and redirect your energy". What are you clinging onto that is not supporting you anymore? Where could you redirect your energy and focus so you can find a new route to follow that is not blocked by a wall?

On the grass, at the foot of the front tree are toadstools. Toadstools and mushrooms can pretty much grow anywhere under any condition, and they grow fast. It's not always clear whether a mushroom may be nourshing or whether it is poisonous, though the bright red colour on a toadstool indicates that it is poisonous.

The toadstools relate back to the squirrel in that whatever we may be hoarding may be growing fast and poisoning us. So if you consider this with regards to emotions connected to a situation, the emotions that are blocking you (wall), that you are clinging onto (squirrel), are growing and being triggered in all different circumstances and are beginning to eat away at you and poison your energy.

Both the squirrel and the toadstools are on green grass, green being the colour of healing. So it feels that there is a lot of healing that needs to be done in relation to this situation so you can find a new path and new direction.

Whatever impasse you may be facing in your life, the angels are inviting you to reflect and redirect your energy. The wise person knows when to walk away, find a new path, and let it go. There are times when you need to breakthrough barriers, and there are times when you need to turnaround and find a new direction and the angels are telling us that this is the time to heal and find a new direction.

This card and the message from the angels doesn't mean that whatever today's interpretation may relate to in your life, you don't have to walk away completely and start over. It means that you have to refect and redirect your energy and find a new route. The end destination may be the same, you just need to change your path as the one you are currently walking is blocked.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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