infinite abundance

abundance is pouring into your life


I love this card because it has beautiful, bright, and uplifting colours in it.

But it's an action card, as well. If you look at everybody in this card, they're doing something.

Quite often, we're told that we need to keep our masculine and feminine energies in balance. The masculine energy is where we 'do' and take action. So, for example, we would have planted the seeds for the abundance to come. And then the feminine energy is where we open our heart to receive. And whilst that is really important whenever it comes to receiving infinite abundance, the abundance that our Creator and the Divine wish us to receive, each and every one of us, it's also important that we continue to take action, that we don't stop. We just don't stop and lie back and wait for everything to flow to us. We need to continue to keep our energies in balance.

As you can see on the card, everybody is doing something. If they weren't doing something - collecting the apples that have come into harvest - those apples would fall to the ground and they would get destroyed and damaged and bruised, and it would get to the stage where they would rot and you couldn't eat them. All that lovely abundance, because these people were sitting back and enjoying the  sunshine, was lost because it fell to the ground  and it rotted and they couldn't eat it.

And that's why they're standing around; some poeple are picking, some people are collecting. Everyone has their job. And, whenever it comes to abundance and opening your heart to receive, there're still little tweaks that you need to do along the way so you're ready.

Many a person will say, "But I don't receive the abundance I think I'm worthy to receive", or "Abundance doesn't seem to flow into my life". It's nothing to do with the Divine or the angels holding back on you. It's to do with you building a brick walk, building an obstacle so that the abundance can't come through. The angels and the Divine are sending you more than you could ever want and need, but it's up to us to open up to receive, it's up to us to hold the sheets open to catch that abundance of apples, to be open to receive them falling into our lap. If we are not open to abundance, we will never receive it because we have blocked it coming our way.

This card comes from Denise Linn's Sacred Traveler deck. It's all about a traveler on his journey. Each and every one of us is basically a sacred traveler: we are a soul who has chosen to come to earth to live the life that we are living, to enjoy a human experience. We are all travelers.

If the traveler had been walking past this scene, what do you think he would have done? Not all travelers have or carry a lot of money So quite often, as they go from place to place, they will ask for food or for water, and they will often exchange something in order to receive that food or water. So, if the traveler was walking past this scene, if I was the traveler and saw beautiful red apples being picked by these farmers and collectors, I would step in and I would say, "Can I help you in return for an apple?" So I would give in order to receive. 

That's an element we need to remember. Now is the time for infinite abundance. The more you give, the more you will receive in return. Now is the time of harvest, to fully give of yourself, to help those  who are in need, to support those around you, to give what you can - it's not always money. Give and support what you can and enjoy that giving, let it light. Give in a way that lights you up because when you light up, your vibration rises and, in return, you receive.

So give what you can at the moment, in order to receive. It's not all about take, take, take. We're not all children anymore at Christmas-time when you receive your gifts from Santa or from your parents or from family. We understand and we know the importance of giving first in order to receive.

This card has so much about action in it. Not only is it saying, be ready to receive. Take action so you do receive, it's also saying, give; give of yourself, give fully in order to receive. And enjoy the art of giving. Let it light you up because when it lights you up, you attract things of a higher vibration and, therefore, you attract goodness to you.

So, as you journey through life, it's not all about you in your bubble. If you are struggling to attract goodness into your life, maybe you need to consider giving goodness from your life. Maybe you need to consider looking at any limiting beliefs or beliefs you have acquired since childhood that are like brick walls stopping the abundance flowing to you. Maybe you need to remember that life goes in cycles and there are times whenever you need to plant the seeds and look after them so that you can reach that harvest period, so you can reap the rewards and reap the harvest. You do need to remember that we always need to keep our masculine and feminine energies in balance.

Sometimes, yes, we do need a bit more masculine energy. Sometimes, yes, we do need a bit more feminine energy. But in those scenarious, it doesn't mean to say the other energy goes to sleep. When you are opening your heart from an energy to receive abundance, it doesn't mean to say your masculine energy goes to sleep. You want to also take good action so your heart is open to receive that abundance. Don't stop doing what you're doing.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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