inner power

For this message and guidance we're using the cards I use most for my own personal guidance. And the card that has been chosen for you is one that has been coming up in my own readings recently too.

For the purposes of today's card reading, Shiva is the Hindu god of strength and power and is an expression of love. He is representing the Divine Father who gives us support and strength.

The Divine Father is supporting you and helping to co-create your world. You have the power to create your world but the Divine Father is here to encourage you to create it from a place of love. Your power is only in place when you come from a place of love.

You are being invited to rise up as a leader and guide others. A leader can be one of two types. She can either instill fear amongst those she leads or she can lead by example and through love. This card is telling you that choosing to lead by example and through love is where you can excel and empower those around you.

Every moment of every day we are creating our world through thoughts, actions, beliefs, emotions, choices. When we are fully and consciously aware of our thoughts, emotions etc we can use them for our greater good and the greater good of others. By consciously creating from your heart, you are consciously creating from a place of love.

There will be times when you are faced with challenges and difficulties, or times when things just don't seem to be going your way. It's in times like this that your attitude is king. Meet such challenges in a calm manner and approach them openly, consciously aware of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions. Come from an attitude of love, rather than fear. So take a moment to stop, beathe and think before you act.

Standing behind Shiva is the symbol, Sri Yantra, which consists of 9 interlocking triangles. The triangles, some facing up, some facing down, represent both the feminine and masculine energies. And the symbol, as a whole, represents the human being's path towards enlightenment. On an oracle card the Sri Yantra symbol is telling you that you are finding the right path, discovering total contentment, and perhaps branching out. It's fitting ot have this symbol on this card as the messaage, through Shiva, on this card has been to create your life from a place of love, not fear. The Sri Yantra is taking this and telling you that by creating your life from a place of love you shall find total contentment and will be travelling on the right path for you.

The other symbols in the card are all nature-related. We have bright green grass, a light blue sky, gentle clouds floating by and the sun and her rays.

Healthy bright green grass symbolises that good things are coming. Green, on its own, refers to healing. So this could be a healing in your life as you walk your path from a place of love, from which a better life and good things are coming. Or it could refer to your physical health, whichever it more appropriate for you.

The sky is representative of your spiritual feelings and state of mind. The lovely light blue colour representing harmony. So as you create your world from a place of love, everything will fall into harmony, everything will become balanced from your spirituality to your state of mind.

The passing clouds are gentle clouds. They aren't stormy. Clouds represent higher thinking. The clouds lie between the grass and the sky. So in order for bgood things to come and for a balanced and harmonious state of mind and spiritual life, you are being invited to practise higher thinking. Thinking from a place of love rather than from, the more common, place of fear.

Finally we have the sun shining brightly through it rays. The sun represents your true, authentic self. You shine brightest when you're the most positive version of you. The rays represent illumination and inspiration. When you create your world from a place of love, through your heart, and shine as your authentic and most positive self, you'll not only feel inspired, yourself, to travel forward towards a better life and better world you have created but you shall inspire those around you too.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Prayers Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Jason Mccreadie

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