inner voice and grounding

One message, two cards, two decks.

When I shuffle the cards for each general group reading, usually one card jumps out. However occasionally two jump out. Today when I was choosing the card deck to use, even before I began to shuffle, I knew it was going to be a two-card reading because the angels directed me to two very different decks. I believe this is the first time this has happened in our group reading. Be prepared for something extra special, lovely soul...

"The Inner Voice" is our first card for today. Through this card the angels are reminding us that we each have an inner voice and it is through this voice that the angels speak to us, guide us, direct us, support us.

What stands out to me the most on this card are the beautiful pastel-coloured hearts spread all over the card and the twinkling stars.

The hearts are multi-coloured from whites to green to pinks and blues... every colour of the rainbow. And I feel that is really significant. Because when the angels guides us through our inner voice, they are guiding us in all aspects of our life from healing to abundance to success to love and fulfillment. Hearts are also symbolic here because when the angels guide us through our voice, their guidance will always be filled-to-overflowing with love and gentle encouragement; the voice of a truly caring a supportive friend.

The twinkling and light shining from the stars signify light and illumination. When we listening to our inner voice and guidance from the angels, we are enlightened and our path is illuminated through their gentle guidance and support. The presence of stars on an angel card also invites us to aim higher and 'reach for the stars' and that's exactly what the angels want for us; to reach our full potential, to enjoy a fulfilled and happy life filled with blessings and abundance of all sorts. When we listen to our inner voice, the guidance from the angels is loving and for our highest good, to see us achieve our fullest potential and live life with purpose and joy.

Close your eyes and listen for he angels' support is with you now. And say "thank you angels for guiding me through my inner voice."

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Prayers Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Jason Mccreadie

Our second card for today's angel message is "grounding".

Life is busy and can be stressful and before you know it you're chasing your tail trying to do everything for everyone and yourself. Through this card the angels are inviting us to take time to really ground ourselves so we can remember what's really important in life and let go of everything else, every distraction, every unnecessary burden and stress. Be present in the moment. Don't re-live the past and don't fret about the future. Live fully and wholely in the present.

I find the colours very striking and powerful on this card. Similar to our first card it feels like every colour of the rainbow is represented. But this time the colours are a lot stronger, a lot bolder.

The colours that radiate the most to me are brown, green and orange. Brown is the colour associated with Mother Earth. There is no way more beautiful to ground yourself than through Mother Nature, herself. Simply by sitting against a mighty tree or by standing barefoot on the soil, we can really ground ourselves and bring us down from the flightly feeling of overwhelm and chasing everything that crosses our path. Green represents healing and grounding is very healing as it slows our mind and helps us focus on what's important. And orange is the colour of spiritual growth. When we are grounded, we are in a better place to connect to the angels and grow spiritually.

Besides the mighty and strong tree on the card, the little bird perched on one of its branch catches my eye. Birds represent taking a higher perspective, which may initially feel contradictory with the theme of this card: grounding. However when you are grounded, your mind is less scattered, less flighty and you can take stock of what's important and for your highest good, and what is not; you see things from a higher perspective.

Trees on angel cards are symbolic of an harmonious exchange. Trees work closely to keep a balance in nature by exchanging carbon dioxide with oxygen. When you are ungrounded you may find that you give too much or take too much; you struggle with a healthy balance. By grounding yourself, you're more in balance and focused on that which is for your highest good. Also, as we're talking about grounding on this card, I feel the trees has an added symbolic meaning. Where the tree converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, so Mother Earth converts our negative energy and returns it as positive energy when we are grounded and release all negativity and blocks to her. So "go deep; explore your roots."

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

Whilst I feel the first card carries a strong and beautiful message on its own, I feel that message is further underlined and emphasised through the addition of the second card. Through the second card we add an additional layer to the message on the first card.

The first card is all about listening to our inner voice, guidance from the angels. But if our mind is too busy and too flighty and we don't have time to quietly sit and listen, how will we ever hear the guidance, the support, the love that the angels wish us to hear through our inner voice?

When we ground ourselves, when we shut ourselves off to everything that's just not important, just not neccessary. When we shut ourselves off to all the distractions around us and ground ourselves, then we shall hear our inner voice, then we shall truly connect to our loving angels.

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