Tell me. Have you recently unleashed a demon?

Have you recently started hearing negative voices in your head, self-doubt? Have you been putting yourself down? Have you perhaps done a project; maybe it's a pattern for you - you start projects but you can't finish them.

It just means that you have unleashed a demon and it's time to let that demon fly away. It's time to cut cords with that demon because it is no longer serving you.

The demon that brings insecurity is not letting you shine your light, is not letting you grow, expand, become the best version possible of you.

In the card, we see a guy standing and he's standing with his arms crossed in front of his chest - which is both a closed position and a protective position. And it feels like he's trying to protect himself. But he's not able to protect his heart because his heart is shown on the outside of his arms. So, even though his trying to protect himself, when this demon has been unleashed he can't protect his heart.

And if we see the tail of the demon, it's reaching up towards the heart and I feel that the heart is under attack. I feel like the yellow lines are like rods attacking the heart and they're coming from the demon. And the demon is firing all these things into your heart: self-doubt, insecurity, putting yourself down, not finishing projects that you started, feeling low, feeling depressed.

All these insecurities and low emotions are rising to the surface because this demon is running havoc and running crazy in your life. And it's time to sort it out. It's time to get rid of this demon. It's time to cut cords, destroy this demon.

Because the more you listen to this demon, the bigger the influence it has in your life, the more your heart is turning into a pin-cushion and it's being attacked. These rods are striking it. There's only so much your heart can cope with, there's only so much damage it can sustain before it completely breaks. So it's important, green is the colour healing, it's important to heal your heart, to care for your heart. And the only way you can do that is to get rid of this demon, to stop listening to the monkey mind, to stop listening to the negative voice, to stop listening to the doubt, to stop listening to the insecurities, anything that's negative that's rising to the surface you need to put a stop to it. Because it's not letting you shine your light.

If we see on the card, up in the top corner, we can see the sun is trying to peek through. Whenever the sun is shining, it brings warmth, it brings life, and it lets you shine as brightly as you can.

Again, we see a light behind his head. But the light isn't bright. It's not a beautiful bright yellow. It's kind of dim and dull because he's not having a chance to shine his light.

So this card is saying to you, it's time to take some action. This demon has been running havoc for far too long in your life, stopping you achieving what you could achieve, stopping you attracting and manifesting what you could attract and manifest. It's put a hold on your life. And your life is, quite honestly, perhaps becoming a little bit tired and miserable as a result because it is exhausting when this monkey mind and demon is constantly chattering in your head, putting you down. You don't need that.

You want to love yourself. You want to start to focus on your heart, to repair the damage to your heart. And the only way you can do that is through self-love, is through compassion for yourself, is through caring for yourself, loving yourself, and building yourself up, praising yourself, saying how wonderful you are and meaning it.

The more you do that, the more the power that this demon has been able to build up through being in your life for way too long, gradually the rings around him will start to disappear, will start to disintegrate until all that's left standing will be this demon. He won't have this power around him anymore. It's like he has this really strong powerful aura around him and, gradually, the more you focus on your heart, the more this aura will start to diminish and die until you're just left with this little tiny demon. And it's like, "What? You felt so big, so strong in my life but you're really not that great." That's whenever you can get rid of him, that's whenever you can cut cords, that's whenever you can destroy him, get him out of your life. And that's whenever you can start to shine your life, become like the sun, create a better life for yourself and for those around you because you have done so much healing.

And whenever you have healed, you can start to develop and grow and expand.

We're talking about the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards. This card is red because it relates to the root chakra, the foundational chakra on which all energy is built. And it may be a suggestion, because you are feeling a bit insecure, that maybe the connection you have or the roots you have established are not as strong as they should be or could be. To heal your heart, to heal your life, to get rid of this demon, focus on creating roots that they may grow stronger and longer, letting them run deeper into the energy of Mother Earth. Connect with Mother Earth's energy, connect with natural energy, connect with your soul. Remember who you are at soul level.

Let those roots grow longer and stronger and bring strength to you so that you're no longer wobbling about; you have the roots of a really mighty oak tree and you're standing firm. It doesn't matter what the wind may try and do to you, you will stand firm. That's what you need to do. You need to focus on growing your roots, creating your life, shining your light, and healing your heart.

And when you focus on all that, becoming secure and true to who you are, then this demon will no longer be part of the picture.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck by Tori Hartman, illustrated by Gretchen Raisch-Baskin

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