spinning fate


This is a beautiful card with very strong colours.

What really stood out for me the most was, indeed, the colours; the very strong dark blue of strength in the background with also the lovely golden flowers, with gold meaning, for me, prosperity and success.

We're talking about intention. Whenever you set intentions for whatever you do in life, it brings great strength and it brings you prosperity and success because where attention and intention goes, energy flows.

On her dress, as well, we have a lovely contrast of beautiful yellow with light blue. Which is a contrast and bringing together of yellow (which is positivity, self belief and optimism) with the light blue of harmony.

So intention-setting brings you great strength, prosperity and success but it also helps you to stay positive, motivated with self-belief, with optimism, and, at the same time, brings in great harmony.

The goddess on this card, I have never hearad of before. The goddess is Goddess Frigg. And what Goddess Frigg was said to have done was bring flax to earth and then she showed us how we could spin and weave that flax to become the material, linen. And what she taught us by spinning was that you really need to remain focused, just like whenever you're meditating, you want to really stay focused and, that way, you can spin the most beautiful material.

And if you look at Goddess Frigg in the card, she's looking with such great intent on what she has spun. If you look to the left, it's considered to be the flax but to me it looks like cotton candy and it's really quite a mess. It's all over the place. And when she's holding it, she's not focusing on the mess, she's focusing on what she's producing and what she's spinning. And she's really focusing on that with intent. It's saying to me, whenever you set intentions, you focus on that intention and you can bring life to and give birth to the most beautiful things because, when you set your intention, your focus is moved away from the confusion, the noise, the mess that may be going on in life. And it's very focused. The energy goes to what you intend to create and, in so doing, you can create the most beautiful things.

So this card is very much telling us that no matter what you do in life, set an intention before it. Because whenever you set an intention, you're no longer wandering aimlessly with no focus and no direction, you're setting the intention about what you want to achieve and receive. And that will bring with it great strength. It will enable you to achieve and receive what you intend - it brings with it prosperity and success.

It also brings with it a sense of optimism, self-belief and positivity because you're really focused on what you are wanting to achieve. You're not getting distracted by all the noise and all the mess that might be running behind you. And, therefore, that will bring great harmony into your life.

Like I have mentioned before, the saying "where your attention and intention goes, energy flows". So it's really important, no matter what you do in life, whether it's the smallest thing or the biggest life-changing thing that you're going to do, set an intention for it, write that intention down, say it out loud, pass it over to the Universe: "this is what I intend to achieve and receive through this". And then stay focused. Watch as you spin that beautiful yarn and create and bring life to what you hoped and intended to receive and to achieve.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Goddess Dream Oracle by Wendy Andrew

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