journey by moonlight

believe in magic!


As always, I'm going to work through this card by homing in on any symbols or colours that may catch my eye, but I'm going to go a little bit further as well. Because what feels really strong for me from this card, is the feeling of the card. It has a feeling of peacefulness/quietude, but at the same time playfulness. And I feel these are really important for our message.

We are talking about journeying by moonlight, not by sunlight, not during the day, but by night. Why by night?

Well, when you journey by moonlight, when you follow the full moon, the full moon is whenever the sky and the night is at its brightest but it's never as bright as what it will be during the day. So you can never see too far ahead. What's that saying to us? It's inviting us to trust, to believe that we are guided and supported. We don't need to see miles and miles ahead of us, we don't need to see as far as we would see during the sunlight, whenever we're following a soul journey. We need to trust. We need to see the next step ahead. But we don't need to see the full path. The angels and our spirit team are inviting us and encouraging us to simply trust, "we're there for you, we're walking alongside you, we're keeping you company, we're keeping you safe and protected. Keep walking."

You don't need to see the end destination because, if you just walk day by day (or night by night by night) you can enjoy the experience of that one night rather than constantly looking to the future. Be in the present moment. Be mindful. Be in the present moment and enjoy your experiences from the present moment.

What else do we know if we journey by moonlight? In the safety of the moonlight, that's whenever magic and magical beings around us that we don't see during the day, that's when they come out. If we look at them on the card, we see fairies, leprechauns, elves, or whatever they may be. They're coming out and having fun. A lot of people, when if comes to spirituality, tend to be very serious about it. But the angels are saying, have fun, be light-hearted, enjoy the journey, enjoy each step you take, have a bit of fun. Because whenever you have fun your vibration will rise and whenever your vibration rises, you'll get closer to the angels and the spiritual realm; your connection will become stronger because your vibration is getting closer to theirs.

 And it means you're enjoying the journey. Whenever you experience emotions that are high, you get closer to joy, to happiness, to gratitude, you're being grateful for the soul journey you're walking.

It's a reminder to believe in magic. A lot of people don't believe in fairies and elves and spritual beings that share this world with us, that we don't see during the daylight. And that's fine. However, they carry a magical twist about them in that they only come out at night, whenever you think your eyes are playing tricks on you, that may be you seeing a fairy or a leprechaun or another little magical being runnning across your path. And they can be little tricksters sometimes. They can be a little bit naughty. Not in an evil or wicked sense, in a playful way. And, again, it's like going back to childhood. We're being encouraged to go back to how you were as a child and how you went outside and just had fun. Let go of all this serious adulthood, this seriousness of needing to know what direction you're walking in, needing to know where you have to end up, enjoy the journey, enjoy traveling by night, enjoy traveling under the secret of darkness because there's something truly magical about that.

What I love about the card is the reflection of the moon. And I feel that this is reminding us that whenever you go on a soul journey, whenever you're walking your soul's path, it gives you a beautiful time for reflection. Think about it. If you're walking in nature during the day, you'll probably meet quite a few other people. But if you were to walk through nature at night, you probably won't meet another human being. And that means there's quietness. There's no distraction. And it gives you the perfect opportunity to reflect; reflect on your life, reflect on who you are, reflect on where you're going, reflect on who you want to become, reflect on how you can change the world for the better, how you can help other people. It's a great time to reflect whenever you journey by moonlight.

A couple of colours really capture me and they're related to these magical little beings. So I'm just going to focus on those colours: the colours of pink, purple and brown.

Pink is the colour of compassion; being kind, loving and accepting of yourself. When you reflect, you realise we're human, we have egos, we are not perfect. But it gives you the chance to give yourself love, to show yourself love, be compassionate towards yourself, be kind and gentle towards yourself, knowing that you're not meant to be perfect. The mistakes that you make are great lessons. The challenges that come onto your path are great lessons. So it's good not to be perfect. But have compassion towards yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you take a wrong turn, for example, or you take the long way round. Don't beat yourself up about that.

Purple. The colour of spiritual and angelic connection. When you sit in the stillness of the night (and it doesn't have to be night. This is a metaphor for just whenever you find stillness and calmness), to self-reflect, to meditate, that's whenever you grow, that's whenever you grow spiritually. And your connection with the angels and the spiritual realm starts to become stronger because the whole chattering of your mind has slowed down and quietened down. And the communication that you are having isn't just one-way where you're doing all the talking. Whenever you slowing down, meditating and reflecting, you're also listening as well. And you receive so much more guidance whenever you listen.

And then we have the brown of this beautiful little creature on the left. And brown is all about returning to nature. The scene on the card is that of nature. It's such a beautiful, magical, natural scene. Returning to nature but also returning to your natural self. And you can only do that whenever you cut off all the noise that is outside, all the expectations from your family and society, and go within to see who you are at soul level. People will expect things from you but it doesn't mean to say they're right for you. You need to return to who you are, be who you are, and be completely natural about who you are, unashamedly, because we are all different. This world would be such a boring place if we were all the same. However, that's what's almost required of us in the human world - to fall into line, to be the same as the next person, to be in agreement with the masses. But that doesn't necessarily work for you because you are unique, you do have your own strengths and weaknesses, you have your own beliefs. And you want to return to who you are, the natural you. And you will find that within nature whenever you return to nature. And you return and turn off from the outside noise and go within and be quiet.

This card is all about your journey. A magical soul journey which you can travel by moonlight. It doesn't mean to say you only travel and do your meditations and everything at night, but it's the whole idea of when things in the outside world have quietened, when people are in their beds and sleeping, when the humans have been removed (to a degree) from the world, nature begins to thrive. It's something that we have seen recently in history. When humans step back and stop having such a strong and, usually, quite destructive presence in the world, nature starts to thrive.

Whenever it's quiet, whenever you're by the moonlight, the magic of the moon, that's when you can really start to reflect and return to your own natural self, how you can be in tune and in harmony with the magic that is nature.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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