top 4 tips for keeping pores healthy

Your skin is covered with little openings, known as pores, which extend down from the outer epidermis through several layers below the skin. They enable the underlying sebaceous glands to release oil (also known as sebum).

If too much sebum is secreted, or if there are too many dead skin cells stuck on the skin, or if the pores are blocked for some other then the pores can become clogged.

When pores become clogged your skin is no longer able to breathe thus hindering the natural flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide, and dirt can get become trapped and no longer be excreted.

When your pores get clogged you may find that your skin develops blackheads, blemishes and even acne, no matter what your age. These skin problems are not confined to young adults and teenagers.

How to Avoid Clogged Pores

There are 4 simple ways to keep your pores clean so they don’t become clogged and unhealthy.

Tip 1: Stop Touching Your Face

Think about how many things your fingers touch during the day. And think about how much bacteria and dirt your fingers are gathering as a result.

If you constantly touch your face throughout the day with your fingers, you’ll be transferring the bacteria and dirt they’ve picked up directly onto your face. And this can start to clog your pores.

Tip 2: Remove Your Makeup

If you don’t remove your makeup before you jump into bed at night, you could log your pores. Removing your makeup allows your pores to breathe and it also keeps them clean and free to secrete sebum.

The simple act of removing makeup at night will also ensure that any pollutants that have gathered on your skin during the day will also be removed.

Tip 3: Exfoliate

One of the causes of clogged pores is dead skin cells which have stayed trapped on the skin. The best way to remove these dead skin cells and allow your skin to breathe is through gentle exfoliation, once a week.

Remember when choosing an exfoliating product for your face, choose one that is gentle and doesn’t feel scrubby as the skin on your face is more delicate than that on your body. For your body choose a natural exfoliating product that has a salt- or sugar-base but for your face choose one that uses fruit seeds.

Tip 4: Don’t Squeeze or Pick!

If you do find a pimple on your skin do NOT squeeze or pick at it. By doing so you can easily transfer the bacteria trapped in that pore to other unclogged pore and exacerbate the problem.

And by squeezing and picking the pimple you can adding even more bacteria into it from your fingers and hands.