launching your journey

I am an intrepid traveler, sailing forth into the Universe

There's so much imagery on this card that it's impossible to cover every single detail in one reading. So I'm going to be selective and hone in on the images/colours/symbols that stand out most to me.

If we haven't yet had the pleasure of a 1-1 angel card reading, this card is probably one of the best in giving you a feel for what a personalised 1-1 reading is like. Because in a 1-1 reading we never go into all the detail on a card, we look at what catches your eye (and sometimes mine) and understand why that image/symbol/colour is so pertinent; what message are the angels and your spirit team wanting you to receive?

As I look at this card, it's hard to miss the two suitcases standing at the forefront and, as expected, when embarking on a journey, suitcases would play an important role.

However, before diving into the meaning behind the suitcases, I want to ask you this: "What type of journey are you about to embark upon?"

Is it a literal journey to explore a new land? Maybe you're about to move countries? Maybe you're about to head away on a sabbatical?

Or, perhaps, you're looking to change direction? Perhaps a career or job change? Perhaps you've decided to set out on your own and start your own business? Perhaps your business is changing direction and setting out on a new path? Perhaps you've decided to study new skills and start a new course that will end up leading to a new direction, job, business?

Whether it's a literal journey or a figurative one, you will intuitively know and can adapt the message behind this card to your personal situation.

I feel the suitcases are important, no matter what your journey may be. When we (literally) go on holiday and fly by plane, for example, there's always a limit to the amount each person can carry. This encourages you to carry only what's necessary, only what's relevant. So if you're heading on a beach holiday you're not going to pack your winter coat. If you're headed on a ski-ing trip you're not going to pack your bikini. The suitcases are at front and centre of this card because we're being invited to only take with us the things that will benefit and support us as we launch our journey. Plain and simple, you're being called to do some serious de-cluttering and letting go of any excess baggage that may be weighing you down because if you choose to take excess baggage with you as you embark on this journey, you'll pay dearly for it.

There are lots of undulating/flowing type imagery on the card, be it the undulating waves of the sea or the lines in the sky, or the smooth flow of the path, and the smooth undulating green hills in the distance. The sense of flow feels comfortable to me and makes me feel that this journey is one that will flow, provided you don't try to constantly fight it and try to swim upstream. There may be some obstacles that come onto your path as you journey along, such as the hills in the distance, there may be ups and downs, as the many undulations imply, but it feels like these are natural obstacles and natural ups and downs, placed to help you grow and expand. There's nothing sharp or harsh or overbearing about them, everything feels gentle, natural and flowing.

On both sides of the path lies green grass. And green, for me is the colour of healing. So it feels like this journey will be one of constant healing. As we heal, we grow and gain better balance. So take this sign of healing as something positive. You'll see that further along the path, the green turns to a shade of purple and purple is the colour of angelic connection. The order of this can imply that you need to walk a path of healing in order to gain a stronger connection with the angelic realm. The order, however, may not be relevant to you and the presence of both green and purple may, then, imply that by working with the angelic realm, by developing a stronger connection, you'll heal, grow and expand. Look at the colours and see how they feel to you. If their order is important, then the former message is relevant. If the colours are complimenting each other and lying side by side, then the latter message is relevant.

The path undulates its way to the sea, passing by a variety of different and interesting buildings on its way. The path is our journey, the path you are choosing to walk along. It reminds us that we are moving forward and making progress. As you walk that path, you'll encounter many experiences of many varieties. These experiences, these events, these instances come together to create a memorable journey. Each and every one of them has a part to play, a new lesson to be learned, a new experience to encounter.

Between the end of your path and the tall buildings on the other side, lies the sea. Water represents our emotions and the sea, with its waves, implies that our emotions come and go. No one emotion, be it positive or negative, will stay. It will always be replaced with another. The constant flow of emotions bring with them change. And I fell it brings positive change so don't be afraid. You've come too far, healed and grown too much to turn back now. Embrace the changes that are now in your life and strive further forwards.

On the other side of the sea are buildings. The tallest of the buidlings is the one that's catching my eye the most. And, to me, it looks either like a rocket or star (perhaps a shooting star?) and I'm getting the phrases "reach for the stars" and "the sky's the limit".

For me, this sums up the journey that you are launching and embarking out on. Sure you need to let go of excess baggage and travel light, sure there's healing to be done, sure there may be some obstacles on your path, but embrace the changes that are coming to you and happening through you as you embark on this journey. Keep that building always in sight to remind you that you can reach for the stars and that the sky's your only limit.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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