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Cuckoo - Important changes are coming into your life that will require you to take action. Don't hesitate to move in new directions you know are right for you.

The obvious symbol on the card is that of the cuckoo, the symbol after which the card is given its title. But before we go on to look at the meaning behind the cuckoo, itself, I want to make reference to the cuckoo as a bird, in general.

For me, the presence of a bird in an angel card reading relates the message of flying high, surmounting and overcoming difficulties or obstacles, freedom, and taking a higher perspective.

So, before we even focus on this specific bird, the angels are inviting us to take a higher perspective with regards changes that are coming our way. This means we should be looking at the changes from a bird's eye viewpoint rather than getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty. If you take a higher perspective of things, especially if at first sight they may appear challenging, those challenges will seem much smaller than if you are up close and personal, studying them in great detail.

Changes that are heralded by the angels tend to be positive changes, however, they may, at first, as I've just mentioend, not necessarily feel or seem positive. If the challenges initially feel difficult or more like obstacles on our path, the presence of the bird on this card is encouraging us to see these challenges as something that we can overcome. Don't let them stand in your way of embracing the new direction or change you're being invited to follow.

The bird brings with it a sense of freedom and flying high and its presence says to me that whatever changes are on the horizon will, if you embrace them, bring you freedom and a sense of elation and flying high.

Cuckoos, themselves, have long been linked to heralding the coming of important change. Their unusual song is said to announce new directions in your life. Being such an unusual and distinctive song that's hard to miss when you hear it, it has the added benefit of ensuring you won't be caught unawares.

The presence of  the cuckoo is, for me, the angels' way of telling us that changes are afoot in your life. It may mean a change in direction, a new path, or a new way of living/lifestyle. Now's the time to trust in the angels and Divinity to guide you through these changes, changes which are to be embraced, not feared.

Cuckoos are also closely linked with time, hence the reason for their presence in cuckoo clocks. This tells me that the changes that are coming are as a result of Divine timing, they're coming at the perfect time. You are ready for these changes so embrace them. Don't hesitate to follow any new direction or path or change being presented to you. If you choose to follow it with trust, you'll experience an easy and smooth transition. If you hesitate and not step forward, you may find that the angels will give you a bigger nudge next time which might be more abrupt.

Also present on this card are multiple butterflies. Butterflies also signify change but in a transformational way which brings freedom. Many cultures believe butterflies represent the soul so are we talking about a transformational change at the deepest level? Are the changes coming your way bringing you into greater alignment with your soul, your soul path, your soul purpose? A spiritual rebirth? The presence of multiple butterflies could either signify multiple changes on their way, perhaps as a collective, or it could represent a significant change that, quite literally, is life-changing.

Butterflies, such delicate beings, carry such an amazing and powerful natural life-story. They begin their lives as a caterpillar, slow-moving and attached to the earth. Before transforming into a butterfly, they literally retreat into themselves as they take on the form of a pupa or chrysalis during which time they undergo significant transformation before they are finally reborn in the form of a butterfly, free to fly, not tethered to the earth. This magnificent life of the butterfly is said to closely mirror the process of spiritual transformation, whereby we go within, surrounding ourselves with meditation, spiritual books, guidance etc in order to be reborn.

It seems to me that, when taken together, the cuckoo and the butterflies herald a significant spiritual change in your life, a spiritual change that has been in the making for some time and, now, is the perfect time for its birth.

The butterflies in the card are coloured orange and black. Orange is the colour or spiritual growth, again supporting the present of the cuckoo and the butterflies. Black can represent the colour of death which in this case would mean the death of the old self, but more often I link black to power, elegance and sophistication. Just as the caterpillar transforms into this beautiful and sophisticated butterfly by means of a truly powerful transformation, so you are ready to transform.

Finally, I want to touch on the golden colour of the field. Firstly, the crops in the field look like they are ready to be harvested. The seeds were sown and tended with sunlight and water, and now the crop has flourised and is ready to be harvested. Again, we're looking back at the spiritual journey, here, and also linking back to the lifecycle of the butterfly. The seed in your soul has been planted and tended with love, and now you're ready for harvesting, now you're ready to step forth into the world and shine your light.

Gold is the colour of prosperity and success. Just like the cuckoo heraldes, now's your time. Follow the changes that will appear on your path, follow the direction you feel your are being led in, follow your intuition and heart and you shall walk a path of success and prosperity.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Animal Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, illustrated by Dan Craig

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