listening with your heart

"I trust the messages I receive from my heart"

Do you need to make a decison about something and your mind and your heart are giving conflicting answers? The angels are encouraging you to listen with your heart at this time because the heart knows what the mind can't uncover right now.

Your angels and guides are trying to help you at the moment. In order to receive their messages you must quiet your mind and listen with your heart, for their messages are often gentle and subtle. If you feel a nudge to do something or have a hunch about something, don't hesitate, act. Because these nudges and hunches are coming from your guides.

Let's look a bit closer at this card. Have a look at the card for a few minutes before reading the interpretation below.

At the centre of this card is a heart. The heart symbol can represent love, passion or inner connection. In relation to this card I feel it relates to inner connection as the card is encouraging us to 'listen with your heart'. But in relation to the situation that you feel this card relates, it could also symbolise love (ie listen to your heart in relation to a love situation). Whether love/passion comes into play depends on whether the situation to which you feel this card relates, is romantic.

There is a bright golden, yellow and white glow around the heart. Did these colours stand out for you? If so, which? Was one more dominant than the others? Or did you just focus on one colour only?

In angel cards, colours have meaning and significance.

If yellow stood out for you, the angels are telling you that when you listen with your heart, the messages you receive will be filled with positivity, optimism and self-belief.

If gold stood out for you, the angels are encouraging you to listen with your heart, that in doing so you will achieve success and prosperity.

And if white stood out for you, the angels are confirming that the messages you hear with your heart are from the Divine, Universe, Source; the greatest guidance of all.

In the cente of the heart is, I believe, a depiction of the heart chakra (though usually the heart chakra has 12, not 8, lotus petals). The heart chakra is about giving and receiving love, our ability to be open and present, and to feel connected and at ease. This is significant here as this card is encouraging us to open, be present, and listen with our heart in order to receive the loving guidance from our angels. By listening we are becoming more connected to the angelic realm and letting go of the voice (our ego) inside our head.

On the left of the card an angel is depicted whispering into the heart, her gentle whispers/breath penetrating the heart. And on the right is woman (representing you or your role in the situation) receiving the messages. Is your heart open enough, are you present enough to enable those soft, gentle angel whispers to travel from one side of your heart, where the angel whispers, out through the other side of the heart where you receive the message?

Did you notice the flower in the woman's hair? Flowers in angel cards encourage you to express your feelings. So is there a situation where, if you listen with your heart, you could better express your feelings?

The background colours on the card are a blend of pink and purple, signifying a compassionate angelic connection. The angels are gently whispering into your heart because they want the best for you, they love you and care deeply for you. The angels are always with us, we just have to quiet our mind so we can listen to their messages with our heart.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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