living positively video series

welcome lovely soul the LIVING POSITIVELY video series, a series of 25 short videos, 20 angel messages (contained within the daily videos), 2 guided meditations, and 4 support guides, that will help and support you in creating the habit of living positively, within the current climate of Coronavirus.

I recommend you download all the videos, meditations and guides immediately and then watch one video per day (along with any accompanying bonuses), completing the series over a 25-day period.

My suggestion: Get into the habit of setting aside 10 minutes (or so) at a specific time each day, either first thing in the morning, in the evening or before you go to sleep, Make it a time that you know, each day, you can devote a mere 10 minutes (or so) to yourself. A time when you won't be disturbed, Make it special. Make a ritual out of it. This is your time, time for you to regenerate, time for you to focus on your own self-care, lovely soul.

You have a choice... which will you choose? You can either:

  • Download each day's video (and any accompanying bonus) one at a time by clicking the button under each individual day's description.
  • Or you can download the content in batches of 5 days by clicking the buttons immediately below this announcement.

The choice is yours, lovely soul.

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Day 1 - Lessons from Lockdown #1

When the world first went into lockdown, early this year, there were a ton of heavy emotions circling the globe: fear, panic, anxiousness, overwhelm.
What emotions did you personally experience?
And how are you going to take that experience and reframe it so, during this lockdown, you can stay more positive and keep your vibration high?                                                                                        

Day 2 - Self-Care and Bubbling Up

Do you have a self-care routine?
Do you feel guilty or selfish for devoting time to yourself when others near to you need your support?
Self care is important every day of your life, not just now during lockdown.
During this video I share a very simple "bubbling up" technique that takes less than a minute and that helps keep your vibration high so it's not impacted by the lower vibrations of others.

Day 2 - Self-Care and Bubbling Up - bonus

In today’s video, I mentioned a blogpost I've written about the "bubbling up" technique.
However, to save you reading the full blogpost and to ensure you have something to download that you can keep, I have re-created how you can bubble up in pdf format.

Day 3 - affirmations

Affirmations are a great tool for converting negative thought patterns into positive ones, for encouraging your subconscious mind to change and let go of limiting beliefs, for helping you feel better about yourself and helping you boost your confidence.
What, though, are the tricks to creating a great affirmation and how do you know if your affirmation is actually working and doing what it should do?

Day 3 - affirmations - bonus

In today’s video, I mentioned a blogpost I've written about creating great affirmations for you. I've re-created this blogpost for you, in the form of a pdf, so you can easily download and keep it.

Day 4 - change starts from within

When you want to change your life, when you want to see change in the world around you, it needs to start with changing yourself from within.
It's time to stop passing the buck to the large corporations, to the law-makers, to the governments of the world. Even if they were to desire change, there's so much bureaucracy that change will take years.
To invoke change today, you need to be the one to change.

Day 5 - change your response

How are you choosing to view Coronavirus? How are you choosing to live in today's new world?
Sometimes, the choices we make will not tie in with the beliefs and limitations of others. Sometimes, our wishes will not be respected and honoured by others. Sometimes, people simply don't know, understand or even forget how we wish to live, what conversations and discussions we want to be a part of.
Does that mean you cut those people out of your life? Perhaps. But it's not always possible. So what should you do then, lovely soul? You should change your response and your reaction.

Day 6 - Start your day differently

Do you start your day in a reactive mode or do you start your day with the intention to send out love?
The way you start your day will impact the type of day you experience.
So... would you prefer to have a day where you react (not always positively) to everything that happens or a day where you view, observe and experience everything from a place of love?

Day 6 - start your day differently - bonus

Enjoy the accompanying beautiful guided meditation and visualisation, I referred to in today's video, to open and expand your heart centre and send out love.
Listen to this meditation every morning before you start your day and notice the positive difference it has.

Day 7 - creating your sanctuary

At the moment, during lockdown, is your home feeling a bit crowded?
Do you feel you and your family are living in each other's pockets 24/7?
Are you craving some 'me-time' and some space to yourself, to gather yourself together?

Day 8 - emotional awareness

Does living positively mean waking up everyday with a smile on your face and song in your heart?
Does living positively mean you can only feel, sense and enjoy positive emotions and everything else you swiftly sweep under the carpet?
Being aware of all your emotions, including those heavier, negative emotions so that you can release them in a healthy manner.

Day 9 - release low vibrations

Are you experiencing low emotions? Emotions such as sadness, anger, frustration, fear, panic, trepidation?
Would you like to learn how to release those emotions in a healthy way, in a way that will cleanse you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?
Today we look at how you can do just that with the help of a cleansing technique which we shall adapt into an accompanying guided meditation and visualisation.

Day 9 - release low vibrations - bonus

Enjoy the accompanying beautiful guided meditation and visualisation, I referred to in today's video, to feel into your emotions, release and cleanse them.
Listen to this meditation at the end of each day to cleanse your energy from anything that may not be serving you. Notice how much lighter you feel as a result.

Day 10 - vibrational energy

Is your vibrational energy high or is it low?
Do you know what could be pulling your vibrational energy down?
In today's video I talk about 5 things that can lower your vibrational energy.

Day 10 - vibrational energy - bonus 1

In today’s video, I mentioned two blogposts I've written about vibrational energy. I've re-created these blogposts for you, in the form of a pdf, so you can easily download and keep them. The first one focuses on 5 things that lower your vibration.

Day 10 - vibrational energy - bonus 2

In today’s video, I mentioned two blogposts I've written about vibrational energy. I've re-created these blogposts for you, in the form of a pdf, so you can easily download and keep them. The second one focuses on 5 way to raise your vibration.

Day 11 - calling Time out

When was the last time you took 10 minutes to be by yourself, with yourself?
With so many people wokring from home and being at home, just now, it can seem like mission impossible to find time for yourself. But we're only talking 10 minutes, here, but they're 10 minutes that will make you feel so much better.
Will you schedule in 10 minutes for yourself today?

Day 12 - creating ripples

Have you ever thrown a stone into a pond and watched the ripples as they spread outward and outward?
You can be those ripples. You can create a ripple effect through your own positive, uplifting energy.

Day 13 - mirror work

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
Well I have a challenge for you today.
I want you to look in the mirror today, and every day, make eye contact with your self and tell yourself, sincerely, "I love you".
Can you do it? Will you do it?

Day 14 - lifecycle of a butterfly

Do you know the stages a potential butterfly must go through in order to transform into the beautiful and magnificent insect it finally becomes?
If likened to a butterfly's lifecycle, where do you think the human race would be right now?

Day 15 - creating snowflakes

Which would you prefer to create in your body: beautiful snowflakes or gnarly, misshapen patterns?
In today's video I talk about the famous experiment created by Dr Emoto and how it can be applied to our own bodies.

Day 16 - does your life light you up?

Living positively means much more than walking around with a smile on your face, feeling happy and optimistic about the future.
It means living in alignment, living positively in all areas of your life, including you work.

Day 17 - Happiness or fear?

What have you experienced more of this year? Happiness or Fear?

Day 18 - the world around us

We are gaining a picture of what living positively means: keeping your vibration high and raising your vibration when it's lowered, focusing on the vibrations of love both within yourself and in what you send out to others, living a life with purpose and being happy in the time you spend 'at work', expressing gratitude for everything you have in your life.
But did you also know that living positively encapsulates how you live in the world, alongside the world?

Day 19 - the animal kingdom

Are you aware that the animal kingdom has been preparing the way for the human awakening that is currently unfolding?
Where we may be struggling to live positively amongst the animals we share this planet with, the animals have, en masse, been demonstrating what it is to embrace unconditional love - a message each and every one of us can learn from, a demonstration each and every one of us should give thanks for.

Day 20 - have you weathered the storm?

In relation to this year, I wonder, have you weathered the storm or have you danced in the rain? Did you struggle with what came your way or did you find, and embrace, opportunities that may not have presented themselves to you in other 'normal' years?

Day 21 - what's your purpose?

As we grow and enter adulthood, it can become difficult, with all the familial and societal conditioning we've received, to really know what our life and soul purpose is. What are you here to do, to be, to achieve? How can you bring light to the world? Some of the most difficult questions to ask as we struggle and scramble around for the answers.
Today we ponder: "what is the point of being born if you have no purpose in life?"

Day 22 - given up or giving back?

When you look back at this year, do you think about what you've been forced to give up? Time with family, meeting up with friends, parties and special celebrations, eating out...?
Or did you embrace this year and you can now look back and celebrate what you gave back?

Day 23 - your voice

Are you allowing your true voice, the true you, be heard? Or are you blending in, conforming to familial and societal expectations?
We get one shot at this life, make it count. Use your voice. Be true to who you are at soul level.

Day 24 - train your brain

Is your monkey mind running the show? Are the mean guys and gals in your headplaying the lead role?
80% of our thoughts are subconscious, running on automatic. I wonder are those subconscious thoughts positive or negative? Are they encouraging you to grow or are they keeping you small?
It's time to become aware of the thoughts that are driving us.

Day 25 - time to reflect

Welcome to the last video in the Living Positively series.
It seems apt to reflect. now that we've come to the end of this series and, almost, to the end of this remarkable year.
Do you feel comfortably looking back over this year? Or would you prefer to forget about it and look only to the future?