Can you feel the vibrant and, yet, very peaceful energy that's radiating from this card? It's such a beautiful card.

Let's break it down. Let's look and see what message about manifestation we can receive from this card today. Let's look at what stands out and catches our eye.

Well, the first thing that stood out for me was the beautiful colour of the card, in the background. The violet colour. And violet reminds me of our crown chakra and our crown chakra is all about enlightenment, all about spirituality, all about our connection with the Divine.

And it's reminding me that we are all souls, we are all connected to the Divine, we are part of the Divine. And manifestation is part of us. That we are truly powerful soul-beings that create the world that we live in and we experience.

Now, whether you may look at the world around you and your life around you, and you may not be fully happy with it, you have to accept that you have manifested that and created that. So, if you can manifest and create the life that you're living, if you turn your attention and focus to positive things that would enrich your life, help you to grow and create a better you, you can manifest that into your life and that's what this card is reminding us; that we have this connection with the Divine and we can manifest whatever we feel is for our highest good and for the highest good of all.

What I love about this card is you have the contrast of the violet and this beautiful light blue colour. And, for me, light blue is the colour of harmony. So, whatever you want to manifest into your life, you need to be in harmony with it. Maybe your next-door neighbour has a Porsche and you see that Porsche and you think to yourself "I would like that kind of car in my life". But your underlying ethics and morals and beliefs are all about helping other people and supporting other people and giving to people who need.

So you're trying to manifest this Porsche into your life but at the same time, that manifestation, that desire isn't necessarily in harmony - there's nothing wrong with having a Porsche in your life, but it's not in harmony with how you feel and how you are deep down.

So, when you are choosing to manifest, is it in line with who you are at soul level? Is it in line with who you are deep down? You want to have harmony, otherwise manifestation is going to become such a difficult job.

The other thing I love about this card are the stars. The stars are falling from the sky. But, if you look closely, you might even say the stars are lighting up the various chakras. Stars, to me, are all about illumination. Whenever you look up at the dark night sky, without the stars it could be very dark. Without stars in your life you may feel like yor're going through a really challenging time. And, yet, these stars on this card are raining down on you and they're reminding you to find hope, to find that illumination so you can manifest whatever you want for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Don't just let the stars fall and rain down around you, let them be part of your very being. Let them illuminate your very essence and your very energy so your energy is in a place where like attracts like, that you raise your vibration and your energy to a place where you manifest exactly what you want into your life.

And, talking about raising your vibration, when you wish to manifest something into your life, you want to raise your vibration, you want to raise yourself up. And it's not that difficult to do. If you want to raise your vibration and you want to manifest into your life the abundance, the health, the wealth, the joy, the happiness, the love, the romance, the passion - whatever you want to manifest for your highest good, into your life, you just need to attune yourself with what you want to manifest and bring joy into that manifestation and desire and love and gratitude. Because all those feelings and emotions are raising your vibration up so you can connect that which you want to manifest.

This card is so full of uplifting and, yet, also gentle energy. It's telling you, you have the power within you because you are part of the Divine. You manifest your reality, you create your reality whether you do it intentionally or not. But now's the time to raise your vibration, to look for the hope, to look to stars around you and to reach for the stars. Because you deserve the best life possible. You deserve happiness. You deserve life to flow to you and for you, for your highest good.

So, this card is full of uplifting energy and vibration and, yet, at the same time there's a gentleness and quietness to it reminding you that manifestation is something that is natural to you as a soul being. You just need to tap into that high vibration of manifestation by going to a vibration of love and joy and gratitude.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jennifer Hawkyard

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