manifesting your dreams & taking action

Each time I ask the angels for the card(s) for our angel messages, I shuffle the chosen deck and then wait to see what card, or cards, jump out.

As I shuffled the cards this time, 4 cards jumped out! However, when I checked in with the angels they wanted me to interpret only 2 of the cards.... phew!

Before combining the cards and how they can be interpreted together, let's look a bit closer at the first card, "Manifesting Dreams". Have a look at this card for a few minutes before reading the interpretation below.

This is an autumnal scene with harvested vegetables of all different varieties and colours in the foreground. In the fields behind are gathered and stacked grains. The other prominent symbol that catches the eye is the tree, brightly coloured with orange autumnal leaves.

Which symbols caught your eye?

The scene is clearly a harvest scene. During harvest time we reap what we have sown earlier. So this card is telling you that now is the cycle in which to harvest your bounty.

Before now you planted the seeds of your dreams (maybe even in a prior lifetime), you tended those seeds and watched them grow. Now is the time that those dreams are coming true and manifesting.

On the flip side is the message that your dreams are manifesting into your reality but if you doubt them or believe you are not yet ready, then you'll not gather your harvest in time. You'll leave your crops in the ground too long and they'll spoil. So the angels are reassuring you that the seeds of your dreams that you sowed in the past are now manifesting according to Divine timing and unfolding for your Highest Self.

I feel the tree is also a significant symbol. Did you tree stand out for you? Trees represent an harmonious exchange. Just like the tree takes in carbon dioxide from the air and converts it into oxygen for us to breathe, the angels are telling you that you planted the seeds of your dreams and now they are ready for you to reap. Although orange is a colour we often see in Autumn, I feel its presence is signifcant here. Orange represents spiritual growth. So are you ready to grow, spiritually? Perhaps the seeds you planted were in relation to the Universe and angels. If they were then they've grown and fluourished and are ready for harvesting.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

When our dreams and seeds are ready to be harvested, there are times when all we need to do is open our heart, knowing that you deserve your dreams to come true. However, when we bring the second card into our mix, I feel this is not the right time to simply open your heart. I feel, as the title of the card suggests, there is some more action needed.

Again, take a few moments to study the card and see what stands out for you before reading the short interpretation below.

What stands out on this card is the person (coloured purple or indigo) leaping over the light blue/green river. In the background, the tree, the clouds, the sky, they all seem to be leaning in the same direction as the person who is leaping. It could be that the wind is pushing them in that direction. But the feeling I get is that the person is leaping with such gusto that his energy is pulling along everything else around him, everything is falling into place and coming into alignment.

The person and the river appear to be at the top of a hill. Was that something you spotted?

Let's go through all these symbols. Only consider the interpretations of the symbols (and colours, if you consciously spotted the colours) of those that stood out for you as these are the symbols that have most meaning in this card reading for you (you don't need to spot every symbol and colour)

The person leaping across the river most likely represents you. He/she appears to be very aerodynamic and moving with fluidity. So it feels like the river is not an obstruction but something that you can eaily jump over. The person is coloured purple or indigo. If the colour stood out, how did you describe that colour? Purple symbolises angelic connection whilst indigo represents clairvoyance. So have you recently (easily) leapt across an obstacle (the river) and felt a deeper, stronger connection with the angels. Or have you taken your clairvoyance ability to the next level and are finding you can tune into the calir of seeing & vision more easily?

Rivers in angel cards signify 'align and flow'. So do you feel your life has recently come into alignment and now is flowing more easily? Before you leapt acorss this river did you feel out of alignment but now you're heading towards the other bank, does it feel that your life coming into alignment. If the colour of the person leaping was significant to you, then perhaps your connection to the angels is beginning to feel more aligned (purple) or your clairvoyance is running more smoothly (indigo). I see two primary colours in the water of the river. One is light blue, the other green. Did you see the colours? Which stood out? Did both stand out? Light blue signifies harmony whereas green relates to healing. So by leaping forward across the river does your life feel more harmonous, has your health improved?

It feels that everything in the picture is moving in your direction as everything around is beginning to come into alignment. Is this so? Do you feel this? When you find one area of yourself is in alignment, do you feel other areas follow suit?

It feels like the person is leaping across the river when it is running on the top of the hill. Hills in angel card readings can signify new things. So is there something new in your life or have you embarked on something new that feels like it's bringing your life into alignment?

Through this card, the general message from the angels is "Don't hesitate!" Whatever you may have been putting off or procrastinating over, stop, becasue now is the time to act. Leap into action. Your end goal/dream is within reach.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

Now let's look at the cards in combination and pull the two interpretations together as one.

You planted the seeds of your dreams, you cared for those seeds and tended to them and now, just as life moves in cycles, those dreams are coming into fruition and are ready for harvesting.

The angels are telling you not to stop now. Don't prevent your dreams from coming true by doubting their possibility. Take action by believing, by trusting, by creating momentum around those dreams by acting and behaving as if they're already here in the present. Because by doing so you are bringing it and other areas of your life into alignment.

The action you take now may manifest your dreams even sooner.

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