master jesus


You are on the path of light, love and forgiveness. Father healing is possible at this time.


The message today is all about forgiveness. Master Jesus is here with us today to remind us to forgive ourselves and forgive others.

I'm going to go straight to the colours and symbols on this card because I feel that is where most of the message is coming from today. And it's mostly colours in this card that I'm resonating towards.

Everywhere on this card I see a lovely dark blue and I also see a light blue as well, along with green and, in this arch, to me that's a brown colour shining through.

What that says to me in relation to forgiveness is, when you forgive yourself and you forgive others, you bring great strength into your life as well as light blue, harmony, and green, healing.

We are souls living a human existence on this earth. And, as souls, one of our most natural states (the colour brown, the colour of being natural, for me). one of our most nautural states is to forgive. To forgive ourselves and to forgive others. However, quite often our human-ness gets in the way, our logical mind gets in the way and many of us have be brought up, that the idea and concept of forgiveness is basically to let somebody off the hook and condone what they did to us.

That is not what forgiveness is about.

Forgiveness is all about self-love.

If somebody has hurt you and you struggle to forgive them, do you think that every morning they're going to waken up and think "Oh, I hurt that person"? They're going to move on with their life. They're not going to think about the hurt that they caused you. And, yet, you're the one waking up every morning, thinking about the hurt that they caused you. So, you are the one who is creating hurt. They have moved on in their life.

Your inability to forgive is not showing yourself self-love because you are hurting and it's stopping you shining your light and being the amazing soul that we all know that you are.

Forgiveness is not condoning what somebody did to you. It's not letting somebody off the hook. Nor is it condoning yourself doing something unforgiveable to yourself or letting yourself off the hook. What it's doing is letting you, at soul level, enjoy self-love. It's letting you move on in your life without these trappings holding you back. It's giving you strength (the colour of dark blue), strength in your life to move forward. It's bringing harmony and healing into your life and it's returning you to a more natural state.

We need to change our view of forgiveness so we practise it every single day. Because forgiveness is helping us to raise our vibration because we're letting go of the heaviness that is pulling us down.

As we can see in this card, Master Jesus is pointing to his heart. Forgiveness is all from the heart. It's strength that comes from the heart. We don't forgive in our head, we forgive from our heart, from a place of love.

Forgiveness is all about self-love. It's for ourselves and for our highest good. And that's why Master Jesus is here with us today, to encourage us to forgive. Forgive things that have been done in the past, things that are being done in the present, things that we have done to ourselves and others have done to us as well.

Let those heavy weights that are pulling your energy and your vibration down, let them go, forgive and let those weights go so you can rise and raise your vibration much higher and enjoy being a spiritual being here on earth, being your most natural self and forgiving, showing great strength to forgive, and bringing harmony and healing into your life as a result of that forgiveness.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses

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