meditations and visualisations

Welcome lovely soul.

On this page you'll find guided meditations and visualisations to carry you through daily life.

grounding with mother earth

From a spiritual point of view we talk about the importance of grounding so you can remain connected/grounded to Mother Earth as you raise your vibration higher to meet the spiritual realm, half-way.

That's why we follow a grounding technique (usually a visualisation) before we meditate or connect with the spiritual realm.

It's also important to be grounded so you aren't swept away by the busy-ness of everyday life and the stresses and strains that often accompany it. Through grounding you can, literally, keep both feet on the ground.

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raise your vibration

It can be all too easy to be pulled down into a negative state of being if we do not remain alert and aware of our thoughts, behaviours and the environment around us.

Being in a negative state of being means that your energetic vibration is low and heavy and, as determined by the Law of Attraction, this means that what you'll attract and what you'll naturally radiate towards whilst in this lowered state are things that are of a similar lower state.

The opposite is also true: if you're happy and feeling joyous, if you're laughing and smiling, if you're filled with love and contentment, well those high vibrational states will attract similar high vibrational energy. And that's how you live the life you want to live. That's how you attract the many forms of abundance into your life that you deserve. That's how you reach and fulfil your potential.

This beautiful visualisation will help raise your vibration and release any heavy negativity stored in your body, which is dragging you down.

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release the weights and burdens of others

When you're a caring human being, when you're a sensitive soul or an empath, there is a tendency to carry the negative emotions, feelings, fears, beliefs of those around you; weights and burdens that are not your own.

If we do not release these weights and burdens, if we do not tend to our own energy and vibration, these weights and burdens can pull us under and hold us back.

In this guided meditation, with the help of the Archangels of healing, Raphael, and love, Chamuel, we return to our true self, our true essence, free from the weights and burdens we have taken on from those around us, from the collective.

By passing our burdens onto the angels, we can be released, freed, and feel lighter in ourselves.

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