higher learning

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul, that you can tell a lot from simply looking into a person's eyes. And when you look into the eyes of Melchizedek (pronounced Mel-keez-eh-deck), here on the card, you get a sense of deep eternal wisdom. His depth of wisdom is further enforced through his appearance with his long white beard and long white hair giving him presence and demanding respect.

Melchizedek was both a high priest and a king. His spiritual presence today is to assist the Earth through the ascension process. What this means is that he is here to help everyone and everything return to the ultimate, and only, state; the state of pure love.

Whilst his eyes depict wisdom, his face also gives an impression of compassion, gentleness but, at the same time, seriousness. He is here to guide us, support us with compassion and strength, but don't get me wrong, his mission is a serious one... as you and I can already see when we simply open our eyes to truly see the world around us today.

Melchizedek is also an Ascended Master. Ascended Masters are high-level guides who also lived here on earth and attained enlightenment, or a high spiritual state during that period. They have a huge knowledge base that we can consult with, have lived through the physical limitations of the reincarnation cycle (so can relate to life as a human) and have experienced the great power of higher dimensions. It is believed that they want to work with each of us to guide us through the initiations of ascension and awakening.

Although not an angel, as he was previously incarnated on earth, the presence of angel-type wings on his shoulders tells me just how highly he is regarded in the spiritual realm and how much respect we should give to him and the message he brings with him.

The colour behind him that stands out most for me is turquoise, a colour which has been appearing more and more in angel card readings of late. Turquoise represents communication and not only do I feel that Melchizedek has an important message to communicate but it's a message (and learning) that we should take onboard and communicate forward, if we are to move forward as one energy (not as perceived individuals) towards pure love, enlightenment and awakening.

Melchizedek's message to us is this: "You have learned from experience. More inner study is now required to further progress."

But what exactly does this mean? 

Through the years we have already spent here on earth, we have already learned so much through our personal and collective experiences. And every day we continue to learn. But we now need to turn to these learnings into growth. It's now time to put theory into practice. We need to take our experiences and the lessons we've gained from them, as both individuals and as a collective here on earth, and be prepared to move forward, to focus in a new way, and offer greater light to the world around us. Melchizedek is here to assure us that we are now ready to take this next step.

And to do this, to find the strength to step up and out and shine our light to the world, to guide the world to a better place, to create an energy of oneness rather than the individuality and separateness that we have been conditioned to believe, we need to look inwards. Inner study. Melchizedek and his order are with us to support us and guide us towards greater spiritual wisdom. They invite us all to meditate and connect with their light, and then shine that light brightly into the world.

What a message! What a gift! What timing! Wow...!

Take a moment and think about what's happening today in the world. How are humans behaving, how are they talking to each other, what messages are our leaders giving us? If you were to categorise each event you're thinking about, each message you've read or heard through the media or from the many leaders of the word, each human act, would you categorise them as love-based or fear-based? The majority of them would fall under the category of fear-based, right?

And the messages we read and hear, the events we watch and are told about, do they encourage unity or do they promote individuality? In most they promote individuality, right?

Is fear-based individual existence at the heart of Melchizedek's message today? No.

Melchizedek, with his huge knowledge base, an Ascended Master who is held in great revere in the spiritual world, is bringing us a love-based message of unity and oneness. A message to each of us to collectively (and individually) shine a brighter light out into the world. To act, speak, think from a place of love.

Will you heed his message today and every day?

Reference: This beautiful card is from Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses

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