message in a bottle


What I see whenever I look at this card is a pelican. He's used his telescope and he's seen, from wherever he's been, a bottle floating in the sea. He's flown down, he's picking it up, he's pulling it out of the ocean, and taking it up to the sky. The card, itself, seems to be evenly split between the sky above and the ocean below.

So that is what we're going to interpret for today's message: a message in a bottle.

Whenever we think of a pelican, the one thing I can think of is that it usually has this big, sack-like thing that hangs and can expand underneath its beak. It uses this sack whenever it's going fishing to gather a lot of fish. It feels to me that the pelican is saying, you want to gather all the messages.

It feels to me that you may have asked for guidance, you've asked for signs and symbols from the angelic and spiritual realm, and they are coming, but you need to be like the pelican. You need to open your beak and gather all those messages that are around you.

Now, the pelican used his telescope to find this bottle in the ocean. Remember the ocean is a vast place and it's very hard to find something. However, whenever you have a telescope, it means that something far away can be brought up close and you can see things that you may not have been able to see with your normal vision.

So, the angels are inviting you to really open your eyes, to really focus in and look for the messages, the guidance, and the signs that they are sending you every single day.

The bottle, itself, that the pelican has picked up from the ocean is  very clear; you can see the contents really clearly. That says to me that the messages the angels, your spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over; what they are sending you, the signs, the messages, whatever you need for guidance and support, they're actually crystal clear.

Again, you need to focus, to look for them to find them; to open your eyes.

The card, itself, for me, is evenly split between the depths of the ocean and the sky above. What do we think of whenever we think of the depths of the ocean? Well, if you are floating on the ocean, say on a boat, you can see the surface but you can't see what's deep down below. And quite often we liken the ocean to our subconscious mind. It's mostly our conscious mind that keeps us going day by day but our subconscious mind is our driving force and we don't always connect or link into it.

So, the angels are saying, the signs are all around you, lovely soul, open your mind to see them. "Use your subconscious mind to connect with us, to receive those signs and then, use your subconscious mind, your intuition, your higher self, your inner knowing to understand what those signs are." Because the angels, your loved ones, your spirit team are sending those signs to you all the time.

The sky, for me, can represent a couple of things.

If you think of the sky and you think of reaching up to the sky and reaching the heavenly realm, going to heaven, heaven where the angels live, heaven where your spirit team live, heaven where your loved ones who have crossed over, live. We're talking about a message in a bottle. And the connection with the sky can be saying, "We are all sending you a message in a bottle. We are with you, we are supporting you, we are guiding you, we are sending you the signs that you are asking for because we are always with you".

These signs are coming from heaven to you. But, again, open your eyes to see them. Be more aware of what's happening in your environment, be more aware of your life, be more aware of your intuition and your subconscious so that you can pick up on these signs.

Create a greater connection with the inner you so you don't walk through life blindfolded. You ask for these signs but you don't see them and you think they're not appearing. But they are. It's just that you're not open to receive them or open to see them.

You need to strengthen that little muscle that is your intuition so that everywhere you look, you suddenly realise that you're being inundated with love and signs, support and guidance from the angels, your spirit team and those who love you.

The other thing about the sky is that whenever you look into the sky, it seems to last to infinity. The sky can embrace the universe and the atmosphere beyond that of earth. So it almost goes to infinity... and beyond.

Whenever we think of the sky is it saying to us, "There are infinite possibilities"? Is it saying to us, "You have asked for guidance and we are giving you that guidance through signs and symbols, just like you have asked for. There are infinite ways that we are sending that to you." But, again, you need to really focus in. If you don't see it with your physical eyes, you need to tune into your inner self and see it from within, receive it that way. "We are sending you signs, physically, emotionally, in every spiritual way possible the signs are coming their way to you."

So, today's card is saying and confirming that if you have been asking for signs from the angels, loved ones, your spirit team, the signs have been coming. The angels and all other energetic beings don't ignore you. They're not ignoring your requests for support and guidance. They're only too keen to support you. But the disconnect is that you're asking for those signs but you're not seeing them whenever they're coming.

The angels and all energetic beings are stepping forward today to confirm, "We are sending you those messages in a bottle. They are crystal clear. You can see through the glass bottle." You maybe need to pull them up from your subconscious or use your intuition to find them and then bring them up to the surface because they are full of infinite possibilities.

So open your eyes, use whatever you need to do to be able to find those signs and to recognise that the angels, your spirit team and your loved ones are always with you, are always supporting you, are always guiding you, and are always sending you signs of love.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Wisdom Of The Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia

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