monthly oracle card reading ~ august 2023

Hello lovely soul! And welcome to August.

What advice and guidance do the angels and all positive energies who wish to suport and guide us, have for you for this coming month?

You'll only find out when you download this month's reading.

Never judge a book by its cover - a phrase which is very apt for this month's reading. On the surface it may look like it's an easy month ahead. However, dig a little deeper and you'll discover that this month feels very much like a preparation month, preparing you for possibly more challenging months to come.

Like with everything in life, if you put in the effort and do the preparation work, things will run more smoothly in the long term. And this month is very much about getting your house in order. Are you ready to set the tone for the months to come?

This month's reading is an 8-card reading providing insight into the month ahead, where to focus your energy, what action to take, what to avoid and what to embrace... and so much more.

As with all my monthly card readings, the message shared with us by the angels and our spirit team through the Gateway Oracle deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch.

The video duration, including a short meditation, lasts 45 minutes.

Wanna taster before you download? Sure! Below is a short 60sec preview video.

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