mystic healer

"Healing energy flows through you"

The colours that stand out most in the card are a gleaming, shining white in the lady's robe, a glow of radiant golden light around her, and the light blue of the sky or background behind her,.

The healing energy that's flowing through you now is from the Divine (white light) and it's bringing harmony into your present time (light blue). If you're experiencing a challenge anywhere in your life either externally or internally, emotionally, mentally or physically, the angels are reaching out to assure you that it is being resolved and you shall experience success or a successful resolution (gold).

Now's the time to let anything that is weighing you down, go. You don't need to carry the burden any longer.

Besides the woman (which tends to relate to yourself or the feminine role you play in the situation), the other two symbols that stand out are the tree and its branches, and the owl perched on the tree.

If you are experiencing a challenge the angels are encouraging you to invest in an harmonious exchange. Just as the tree works in harmony, exchanging carbon dioxide to oxygen, so the angels are inviting you to find a resolution that is harmonious. The angels are inviting you to use your inner wisdom and intuition (the owl) in this situation because, through wisdom, you shall find freedom. As the owl in the picture is linked to the tree (it's sitting on it and physically touching the branches) so your inner wisdom and intuition (owl) is linked to the harmonious outcome (tree).

This card was chosen from my Sacred Traveler deck. At times a traveler may step off his path in order to seek healing, and the advice of the Mystic Healer will be that everything in nature, including the traveler (ie you), has the intrinsic ability to heal and restore itself.

When something shows itself physically, be it an illness or a physical obstacle, usually it has been manifested by our inner thoughts and beliefs. In order to heal the outer obstacle you need to first look within and heal whatever manifested the outer.

And in order to heal inwardly, the angels encourage us to be still, to meditate, to listen to our inner wisdom and voice. And then visualise the outcome that you desire which is in line with what you heart is showing you. Visualise it with trust that it is coming into your reality.

What a beautiful card. What a beautiful message. Don't you just love the angels, their wisdom and their guidance!

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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