navigating by the stars and ascending the mountain

Today the angels are encouraging us to follow our bliss and keep going forward

This card has already popped up for us before, on its own as a single -card reading. This time it's popping up in a two-card reading. Not only will it have a slightly different interpretation this time as it's linked to a second card and both cards will be taken as one whole and complete message, but also, the angels are highlighting this card a second time as it clearly has a special meaning behind it.

Two colours dominate this card: green which represents healing and blue which represents strength (dark blue) and harmony (light blue).

The card itself is quite dark in colour, mirroring our world when lit by the moonlight. When the moonlight shines down on us it is a much softer light and does not illuminate every single detail, yet it does help us see the way immediately in front of us.

The message behind this card is to let the stars and the night-sky guide you (aka the angels). You do not need to know exactly where you are going, you do not need to see every single detail nor do you need to see the whole path that lies ahead of you when you let the stars/angels guide you as you follow your bliss.

The angels are wholeheartedly encouraging you to walk along the path that lights you up inside, to do what makes you happy, to do what you feel truly passionate about. You may not always see the way forward as the path ahead will not be fully illuminated by the night-sky but the angels are encouraging you to keep following your bliss... you do not need to know where each and every step forward will take you.

When you follow your bliss, when you do what feels right in your heart, you'll ucover great strength and harmony in your life. And following your bliss, following what lights you up will bring great healing too. When you follow the path the does not feel right to you or you do something because that's what others, society expect from you, then you're our of alignment and balance. And when we're out of alignment and balance we fall into a world of imbalance and dis-ease.

So follow your bliss, Do what lights you up. For your life is divinely guided.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

The light and bright colours in our second card strongly contrast the colours in the first. Here the colours of orange (spiritual growth), yellow (optimism, self-belief and positivity), pink (compassion) and purple (angelic connection) stand out the most.

This card is very positive, not only through the colours, but also with the supporting message of "keep going forward".

The dominant symbol on this card is that of mountains. For some people, like me (I love being surrounded by mountains), mountains can bring a sense of freedom and an appreciation of the strength and majesty of Mother Nature. For others mountains can feel claustrophic and even foreboding: how on earth can you ever overcome the mountain range that stands before you in the distance?

On angel cards, mountains do not represent the negativity of obstacles. They represent challenges; challenges that you can and will overcome. They could be limiting beliefs, they could be friends and family who doubt you, they could be fears... but they can all be overcome through self-belief, positivity and the knowledge that the angels are by your side every step of the way.

What I want to point out on this card is that in the distance, whilst you can see the mountains, you can see a path that guides you through and round the mountains. So, although at first, they may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, we can already see that the path ahead is guiding us safely through the mountains.

Through this beautiful and uplifting card the angels are encouraging us to keep going forward with positivity, optimism and self-belief. Everywhere you look on this card you can see oranges and purples and this tells us that the angels are with us every step of the way, cheering us forward and guiding us. And when you, perhaps, quaver and doubt that the path ahead will guide you through the mountains, we see pink everywhere reminding us to give ourselves some compassion. There may be times when you doubt your ability to continue along your path or you may doubt and question the presence of the angels. It's at times like these that the angels are encouraging you to show yourself some compassion. Don't be too hard on yourself. Don't stop going forward.

The final thing I want to touch briefly on in this card, simply because it links back to the first card, is the colour green that you can see at the very bottom left corner of this second card, at the start of this pathway. Green (healing) played a dominant role in our first card but here, not only is it only present a little but it is also much lighter in colour. This says to me that the majority of the healing has been done when you chose to follow your bliss. Now it's a matter of continuing forward.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

The more I've dived into each card individually, the more excited I've become about the overall, combined message. Because I feel this is truly special and is a message that we can incorporate into any area of our life.

Short and simply, the message the angels are relaying through these two cards is:

Follow your bliss, do what lights you up even when the path ahead is not fully illuminated. For by following your bliss you'll develop strength and will attract healing and harmony into your life. And keep going forward. The angels are with you every step of the way when you choose to follow your heart and follow what lights you up. Even when there may be obstacles in your way in the distance, the angels have already created a path for you to follow which will safely guide you round and through those obstacles.

I know I sound like a broken record but everytime I'm blown away by the message of love and support that the angels share with us each and every time. So, follow your bliss, lovely soul, and keep going forward.

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