navigating by the stars and valiant courage

Today the angels are encouraging us to follow our bliss and take action with passion

This card is proving popular with the angels in our weekly guidance. As it's now popped up a few times, I really feel the need to stress that the message in this card is really important for us to keep stepping forward and shining our light. So do take its interpretation onboard, both in conjunction with today's second card and on its own.

Today the one symbol that immediately stands out for me on this card is the lightness and brightness of the clouds in the sky. More than anything else, this is catching my eye.

Clouds signify higher thinking and the beautiful hues of blue and purple in the clouds represent strength (dark blue), harmony (light blue) and angelic connection (purple).

When you navigate by the stars, you need to look upwards as you can't always see the path beneath your feet... it is simply too dark. You are being called to trust in the lights from heaven to guide your path. And this means trusting in the Divine and creating an angelic connection, from which you can find strength and experience harmony in your life.

The clouds are encouraging higher thinking. If you keep focused on the ground at your feet and stumble along your path, you'll simply keep stumbling. But when you think differently about your journey, when you implore a high thinking, then you'll find that you are more easily guided.

The other symbol that stands out today is the almost-new moon. On this card, the new moon is just beginning to wax and grow. The new moon signifies quiet time, the time before something begins. It's the time when you are encouraged to make plans about dreams/projects you want to set in motion. As the moon is moving out of the new moon phase, it implies that we're talking about new projects and dreams that have recently captured your attention. As the moon begins to grow, so too should your focus. It's time to stay motivated. We're entering the phase whereby we are being encouraged to take action, strengthen our resolve and be optimistic.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

Clouds, again, are the first symbol on this card that capture my attention, especially the beautiful colours of orange and yellow.

Again, clouds represent higher thinking and in this context we're connected this with spritual growth (orange) and self-belief, optimism, and positivity (yellow). In the previous card we were being encouraged to create an angelic connection and trust in Divine gudiance. Now we're taking this evern further. Not only have we already established an angelic connection, but now the angels are spurring us on to grow spiritual, take that connection to a new and higher level.

Linked in this with spiritual growth comes positivity, optimism and self-belief. When you trust that there is something bigger than you guiding you, then you can take action with passion, you grow in your own self-belief and life, in general, takes on a much more optimistic and positive hue.

In the bottom right corner are little flowers beginning to bloom. When we see flowers we are being asked to express our feelings. It feels to me that these flowers are young and just blooming implying our ability to express our true feelings honestly and openly is something we may not be accustomed to doing but you need to put yourself first, before anyone else. And, in doing so, you need to express your feelings openly and honestly. Perhaps there's a little healing (green) that needs to take place in order for you to learn how to express your feelings.

The final symbol I want to touch on is the knight on his horse carrying his colourful banner. There are times in our lives when we may need to step forth into battle. And as one who is carrying a banner, this knight may be on the front line, leading the army forwards.

When we step into battle, we're stepping into the unknown. We can't foretell the outcome. It's scary and it's not easy, and it's right and honourable to recognise those emotions. But you must not let them stop you from stepping forward into battle. In spite of your hesitation and fear, you take action with passion. Gather your inner resources, carry your banner of truth, sit tall and strong, and move forward fearlessly. Now is not the time to be timid as that will not serve you in battle. You may need to take risks because by always playing safe, opportunities may pass you by.

And as the one who leads others into battle, you're setting the example and others will follow your lead. So be truthful, be honest and don't let fear get in your way. Keep striding forward. You can only achieve when you have faith that you will win. It takes courage and bravery to go forward into battle when you cannot see the outcome. Don't allow yourself to be limited by the beliefs of those around you or your own personal doubts.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

When you trust in something bigger, when you trust in the night sky to guide you through the darkness, then you can follow your bliss and do what lights you up. With that trust, with the angelic connection and your spiritual growth, you have the ability to take action with passion. No longer will fear and hesitation hold you back.

Through your example, through your passion, others will follow.

So follow your bliss, live the life you dream of. And take action every single day. Be courageous, be valiant, and be passionate.

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