navigating by the stars

"Follow your bliss"

I know I say this all the time but, seriously, what a beautiful message the angels are sending us today.

When you initially look at the card, it may seem quite dark with dark greens and blues being the dominant colours.

But when you look closely and when you consider the message attributed to this card, it is quite the opposite of dark. As always, the angels send us a message that is overflowing with light and positivity.

If we take into consideration the primary colours on the card first, we get a message about healing (green), strength (dark blue) and harmony (light blue). Although the man initially appears almost black in colour because of the darkness, his cloak keeps catching my eye so I feel the colour of his cloak is also of importance. And the colour I see here is purple which represents angelic connection. It could be argued, also, that the colour of the sky is purple, in places, rather than dark blue. So, again, purple and angelic connection is emphasised.

Travellers, both at sea and on land, have been navigating their way at night using the stars in the night-sky because they give direction and guidance. Not only do they give illumination but they also provide consistency and someting solid on which you can map your direction. The North Star, for example, lies almost exactly above Earth's northern axis, like the hub of a wheel.

In this card, the stars represent heavenly beings and spirit/angelic guardians. The presence of stars on an angel card are also encouragement for you to "reach for the stars" and aim higher.

Through this card the angels are telling us that you may feel in the dark at times about your life's path and may not always see where it is headed. However the angels are illuminating your way and guiding you along your path. You just have to adjust your eyes to a more subtle light and open your eyes to the path they are illuminating. Like a traveller journeying through the night, he trusts in the lights from above to illuminate the next part of the path he has to travel. He does not expect to see the whole path lit up under the night's sky but trusts that the stars will guide him.

But how can you see the path the angels have laid before you? How can you see/feel their guidance? That's where your intution kicks in, lovely soul. Trust your gut. Have faith that a power greater than you or I is guiding you. Tune into the feelings in your gut or the words that randomly pop into your head because this is your intuition speaking to you, and your inuition is your connection to the Divine and the angels. So by trusting your intuition, by listening to your gut, by believing, you will walk the path the angels wish to guide you along.

As we can see on the card, the path will not necessarily be straightforward to navigate. There may be hills and mountains along the way that you will have to walk around (or over). The angels don't want us to view hills and mountains as obstacles, rather they ask us to see them as an invitation and opportunity to conquer our individual challenges. You can always find a way round (or over), should you wish to.

"Follow your bliss". These three words take the meaning of this card to a whole other level. Up until now the angels have been inviting us to trust in the path they are illuminating for us, connect with our intuition and, so, connect with them. Through this we will enjoy harmony, grow in strength, and invite healing into our lives. But the three words, "Follow your bliss", add a new element to today's angel message, a happy twist, if you like. Because it's in this part of the message where the true gold lies.

"Follow your bliss", do what lights you up, do what makes you truly happy. This is what the angels want you to do. When you are truly happy, when you are following a path that makes you feel truly fulfilled, that brings joy into your life and raises your vibration and energy every single day... then you know that you're on the right path.

The angels only want the very best for us. But we have to want it too... and that's where we can often sturggle and fall short. The Universal Law of Free Will dictates that the angels cannot step in and 'force' you to do something. You need to choose to do something, yourself. You need to exercise your free will. Then the angels can support and guide you.

So if you choose a path that is filled with obstacles, the angels will support and guide you along that path. And if you choose a path that is fun, that lights you up, that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning, the angels will support and guide you along that path too. But you have to choose which path you wish to walk along. The angels will guide and support you no matter which path you choose. So why choose the more difficult? Why not "follow your bliss" and do what lights you up and invite your angels, guardian angel, and spirit guides to support and guide you down that path?

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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