never-ending story


Is there a never-ending story running, on repeat, in your head?

I'm not worthy. I'm not good enough. I shouldn't do that. I couldn't do that. I'm a failure. I'm never going to succeed.

Is there a never-ending story runing through your mind?

If we look at this card, there are a couple of things I want to highlight. The first thing that stands out is the figure on the card, which I would say is representation of you. And the figure looks so depressed and so forlorn. This never-ending story is pulling them under. And it's almost like "I just want to give up". Her head is in her hands: "I've just had enough. What more can I do?"

And if you look closely at her face, it's as if she has a mask on her face. It feels like the mask has become a part of her body, a part of her features. This never-ending story has become part of her. And she doesn't know when she's wearing the mask and when she's not wearing the mask because the mask has become part of her.

Whenever you wear a mask, you're covering up and hiding behind, and hiding away the real you. You're not being your true self. This never-ending story that is pulling you under, that is on repeat telling you you're not good enough, telling you you're not worthy, telling you you're a failure, telling you you shouldn't do that or you couldn't do that or you can't do that, that's a mask. It's not you. It's not the real you.

The angels are saying, take off this mask and show your true face to the world because you are worthy, you are not a failure, you are successful, you are enough. And, yes, you should say that, and you should do that, if that's what's in your heart. Be true to yourself. Let your true self be revealed.

The other thing I see in the picture is a mirror. And the mirror feels like it's been tossed aside, as if she can't bear to look at herself anymore. Why would that happen? Again, this never-ending story has changed who she is. Whenever she looks in the mirror, she doesn't recognise herself anymore because her light, her soul truthfulness is not shining through anymore. It's been covered up by this story in her head. It's been covered up by trying to be somebody that she knows she isn't. And, now, whenever she looks in the mirror, she tosses it aside because she doesn't recognise herself.

Below where she's sitting, it feels like it's some kind of compass device, something that finds directions for you. It's a heart shape with the word 'love' in the centre. Round the edges are yes, no, yes and no, yes, no, yes, no. For me there are 2 energies in life: the energy of love and the energy of fear.

The energy of fear is a very low vibration. It includes feelings and expressions like anger, frustration, feeling unworthy, worthlessness. And then you've got the energy of love. It's high vibrational: happiness, joy, compassion, freedom. A much higher vibration.

And this compass is focused on these high vibrations but she's swinging between yes and no. Am I feeling high or am I feeling low? Is my life being ruled by love or is it being ruled by fear? And, no doubt, because it's a never-ending story and it's always on repeat and she's in this vicious cycle, she's spending far too much time in the energy of fear - I shouldn't say that. I shouldn't do that. I'm not good enough. I'm not worthy. Why would they love me? Why would they want me? Why would money want to spend time with me? I'm not good enough to attract money. I'm going to procrastinate and put things off all the time.

Those are all the energies of fear.

But, here's the thing, it's called a never-ending story. It's just a story.

What you are listening to is the little voice in your head, the little voice that is desperately trying to keep you safe by keeping you small, by not letting you do things that are different, by not encouraging you to step forward outside of your comfort zone, because your comfort zone is, as it says, where the comfort is. It's what you know. It's your daily life.

But miracles happen outside that comfort zone.

So the angels are saying, don't let this never-ending story rule your life. It's time to change this story. Yes, the little voice in your head is desperately trying to keep you safe by keeping you small, by not letting you walk forward outside the comfort zone. But that little voice in your head made up that story because of something that happened in the past, something that was relevant in the past, that maybe hurt you deeply.

But the past, my lovely soul, is now gone. We're here in the present getting ready to step into the future. The past has no relevance. So change the story.

The angels want you to change the story. The little fairy on the card, her little wings have just fallen down. That's not what the angels want you to be. They want you to spread your wings and to fly. They want you to change your never-ending story because it's not true. It is just a story. It's a fairytale. Let's give it a happy ending by changing this story, by moving the vibration into one of love, by moving the vibration into one of positivity and self-belief and optimism.

You are worthy. You are amazing. You are the best and the most unique soul in the world.

So the angels are here today to remind you that that never-ending story is just a lie. It's not true anymore. It was true for a small pinch of time. But it's not true anymore. That was in the past. You are different now. You're better now. You're bigger now. You're greater now. You have grown. So let yourself grow. Your soul has grown so you must grow as well. Don't let it be held back by the story that is so not true.

Bring an end to what you perceive as a never-ending story.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Wisdom Of The Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia

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