focus on the here & now


Usually when I interpret cards, I look at colours and symbols. That's what catches my eye and that's how I interpret the message that the angels are sending through to us. However, this time the colours and symbols don't feel so important. Looking at the card and seeing the card as one whole picture, as one scenario, birnging it to life - that's what feels really important to me today.

So let's look at the card.

In the card, the first thing we can see are two, I assume, friends having a drink together and chatting. Maybe sharing recent experiences with each other, maybe seeking advice or giving advice to each other.

On one side you can see this lovely girl and she's chatting away. She's chatting away to her friend and her friend just is not listening. Her friend is daydreaming. She's in a completely different world. You can see she's got all these thoughts coming out of her head and she's just not focused on the here and now.

What are the angels trying to tell us through this card?

They're stressing the importance of living in the present moment, of living in the here and now.. They're saying, you can think about things that happened in the past, but don't dwell on them, don't spend all your time daydreaming on the past. What could've or would've or should've been. How, maybe, you play out different scenarios and how certain past situations would have worked out differently had you followed a different scenario.

The angels are saying, you need to focus on the here and now. The present is what is important. The past has gone, lovely soul. There is nothing, no matter how many scenarios you play out in your mind, there is nothing that you can change from the past. The past is done and dusted. It has gone. What happened, happened.

What you can do is, maybe something happened in the past that you weren't happy about or didn't feel right, you have learned a lesson from that; bring those lessons into the present so you don't keep repeating the past and you don't keep repeating the mistakes that you maybe made in the past. Learn from your past but live in the present so that the future can be positive.

We can see the girl in the picture who is dwelling so much on the past and dreaming and daydreaming so much. If you actually look at how her daydreams are being pictured, it's not lovely bright light happy colours, it's actually quite dark colours. And if gives the impression that she's really pondering and almost bringing her vibration down by spending way too much time thinking about how things happened in the past, dissecting how and why things happened in the past, and thinking "If I had had done that differently, things would have turned out so much better".

Because she's living so much in the past, she's not being present, she's not being present for herself or for her friend. And a friendship is all about being present for the other person. it's not always about you. It's about the other person as well. And this friend is emptying her heart out to her other friend and her other friend just isn't hearing anything. It's disrespectful if you agree to meet up for a friend for coffee, or whatever, but you're not being present. It's disrespectful to your friend. It's disrespectful to yourself as well because you're not being present for your friend or for yourself. And if you do that in your life, can you imagine the disrespect you are showing to everyone around you, including the angels and your spiritual team who are walking by your side every day, supporting you?

And, yet, you're so busy dwelling on the past and how things didn't work out perfectly in the past, that you forget how much you have in the present moment, how grateful you should be that you got to wake up this morning, you're breathing naturally and automatically, you almost take it for granted. You have friends you can turn to in times of need. You have the angels and your spirit team supporting you every day. It is so incredibly important to live in the present moment.

What is done is done. There is nothing you can change about the past. None of us can step back into the past and change an outcome. None of us can step back into the past and change what happened. However, we can bring forward the lessons we learned as a result, and positively apply them to the present so our future is better. And we can also live and appreciate the present moment.

Animals, the pets in your home, the wildlife outside, they don't spend every day looking into the past and regretting actions that they took or didn't take. They are living in the here and now. They are living in the present moment. They are surviving and thriving in the present moment because they know that all that is important is the present moment. Maybe it's time we took a leaf out of their books. May be it's time that we realised, lovely soul, that the past has gone. It's the present moment that we need to focus on.

Be present for yourself. Be present for your friends. Be present for your loved ones. And be present for the angels and your spirit team.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Believe In Your Own Magic Oracle Deck by Amanda Lovelace, artwork by Janaina Medeiros

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