not a street lamp



There are two things, vibrancy-wise, that stand out for me on this card. And that is that everything, apart from the lights, everything is grey, everything is dull. However, without the light, everything would be in darkness, everything would be black.

So, although everything seems a bit dreary and grey initially when you look at this card, the light has brought light to a dark scene.

And by bringing light to a dark scene, it is illuminating areas of that scene. The immediate area of the unicorn, of the cat below, of the fairy above, of the street lamp itself. All the details are illuminated because they are in the immediate vacinity. However, if you look closely, you'll also see that there are  buildings being mildly illuminated. But you can't see the detail on them clearly because they're that bit further away and are outside where the light is landing and where the light is illuminating.

There's a phrase that keeps coming to me when I look at this card and it's "be the light". Whenever people are all doom and gloom, whenever challenges come into people's lives and your life as well, whenever there are difficulties arising, be the light. Bring positivity to a situation but also illuminate the situation. Bring clarity and bring transformation into that situation by shining your light.

The world can sometimes fall into darkness. And, without light, we cannot see where we're placing our next step. Light guides us. Light gives us a path. But, if we consider the street lamp, it's not like it's a torch. A street lamp stands where it is placed. It stands steady. It doesn't move and, therefore the light that it shines, illuminates a specific area. However, there's always another street lamp nearby which illuminates another specific area. And all these street lamps work together to illuminate your path so you can see where you're going, so you don't fall over or trip over anything.

We are being invited to be that street light, to stand firm and shine our light. And when we do so, we'll notice that there are other people shining their light near by as well and illuminating the path that people are being invited to walk along.

So you're here to illuminate the path. You're here to shine your light. You're here to bring goodness, to bring illumination, to bring positivity, to bring something uplifting to any situation.

If we look at the lights on the street lamp, which includes the unicorn's also because the unicorn is part of this street lamp. There are three large lights and then there are two small ones. And that's saying to me that it doesn't matter how big your light is, shine it as brightly as you can for others to see. And, in doing so, you will attract others to join you, to illuminate with you and shine their light as well.

It doesn't matter if you're like the little tiny light on the unicorns horn or whether you're the glowing light on the street light, itself, it doesn't matter what size your light is at the moment, let it grow and let it glow. And shine your light as brightly as you can because you have a light for a reason, you're here to shine for a reason, you're here to brighten up your life and the life of others around you.

Also, look at the street light. Look how much detail is on the street light. There's a lot of intricate detail. It's quite a fancy-looking street light. Then compare it to the lights. Where the street light, itself, is full of intricate detail, the lights are very basic and very plain. So it's saying, it doesn't matter who you are, it doesn't matter how simple you are or how elegant and elaborate you are, each of us has a light to shine. There's no difference between your light and my light. Yes, we may shine in a different way, we may shine for different reasons, but the concept is the same behind all our lights. No-one's light is more fancy than yours. It's important that you let your light shine, that you stand firm and illuminate the path for everyone around you; that you shine your light and stand up for what you believe in.

Someone else's light is no better than yours.

They may make it look fancy but it's no different and no better than yours. And it's important for you to understand that because it's so important for you to shine your light. The more people in this world who shine their light, the brighter the positivity, the more uplifting life will be, and the more joyous life will be. And the less likely that darkness will take over whenever so many people's lights shine.

On the card, also, there's a little cat at the bottom. It's not scared of this unicorn which is raised up on its hind legs. The little cat is looking up and it's looking very calm but it's also looking very curious. Cats are curious. Indeed, cats can get up to mischief because they are curious. And that's an invitation for us to look at the light inside. Be curious all the time. Don't just assume that you're shining your light. Waken up everday and set the intention to shine your light and for that light to grow everyday. And be curious how that light affects your life, how it affects the lives of others around you, how it's impacting the world and bringing brightness and lightness to this world.

It's such a beautiful message today. It's all about bringing light to the darkness. If there is no light, if we do not shine our light and let the darkness prevail, it won't be a nice world to live in because without light, we won't see the beauty of the detail on the street light on the card. Without light we won't see others around us, we won't appreciate people who are walking our path alongside us or we won't see the people we could meet as we walk our path, if we are walking in darkness. So light is really important. And light is vital for life. Plants depend on sunlight, for example, to thrive. So light is really important.

And it's up to you to be the light. It's up to each and every one of us to be the light. To shine our light. To shine in positivity. To illuminate all around us. And to disperse the darkness that would otherwise be.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Unicorns Oracle Deck by Paolo Barbieri, text by Rachel Paul

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