Not the right time and clairsentience

It's important today to have a 2-card reading as the second card helps explain the first

When I give an angel card reading I always reassure the person about to receive the message that the angels only give positive and loving advice.

And I'm stressing that here today as, initially, you may be taken aback by the message on this card "not the right time". Hands up... I was, even though I've been working with the angels for some time now and know that the guidance we receive from them always comes from a place of unconditional love.

Before we consider the message at the bottom of this card, I want to focus on what stands out for me. That way we can better understand, before moving onto the second card for today, why the angels felt it was so important for us to receive this message.

The primary image is that of an angel with open arms, dressed in a gown and cloak of white and purple. White being the colour associated with Source energy (God, the Universe, the Divine) and purple being the colour of angelic connection.

So, before we look any further, the angels are telling us "we're here for you, we're supporting and guiding you". The openess of the angel feels very inviting.

So, although the message "not the right time" may seem, at first, a bit hard to swallow. The angels are reassuring you that they're with us, they're supporting and guiding us, and their arms are open to us.

The colours that shine around the angel like an aura include yellow, orange, pink, purple and green. I feel that these colours are very closely linked with the message of "not the right time".

So the angels are advising you that it's not the right time because you may need to develop a stronger self-belief in yourself, you may need to be more positive and optimistic (yellow) or you may need to grow more spiritually (orange) or you may need to show more compassion both to others and yourself (pink) or you may need to develop your angelic connection (purple) or receive healing in a specific area which may be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual healing (green).

What's important here, I feel, is to determine which colour(s) stand out strongest for you as that's where the angels are guiding you to focus and grow.

Linking this to the message of the card: "Not the right time", the angels aren't saying "no" and they aren't saying "never". They're just saying "not now" because you need to do some work to get you to a place where things change and it becomes the right time. Don't feel disheartened, the angels are here to support you in your growth and development and by waiting and not pushing ahead, when the right time comes, what you achieve, what you receive will be so much more and better.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Answers Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, artwork by Marius Michael-George

When you saw the message on the first card you may instantly have known what this message related to. And if you did, if you had a hunch, if something popped into your head, then that's what needs your focus.

But what if nothing popped into your head? What if you're feeling lost by the message? You want to grow and improve but you don't know what to focus on in order to grow as you simply don't know the context in which to interpret the card.

This second card is giving you further guidance. Through it the angels are advising us that through recurring physical and emotional feelings, you'll be guided to the area that needs focus and growth. And, you'll also be guided in which way you need to grow.

I love the beautiful huge golden wings depicted on the angel of this card. Wings tell us that the angels are helping us. They know what we need and are here to support and guide us. Gold is the colour of success and prosperity. The angels are here to guide you towards success.

In his left hand he carries a torch. A torch bares light on anything it shines on. Here it feels like the angel is lighting our way. He shines his light and we follow. Torches are also symbolic of enlightenment and hope.

In the background is a dark blue sky, dark blue being the colour of strength.

The message on this card is from Archangel Raguel, the Archangel of peace and harmony. When you invite him to help and guide you he will help you to sort out all your feelings, enabling you to notice, understand and follow them.

Clairsentience is one of the four primary intuitive senses: the intuitive sense of feeling. When you exercise clairsentience, you may get physical sensations through your stomach; for example – tingling, contractions, and pressures in your body. You may also receive this clairsentient information through negative or positive emotions e.g. you intuitively feel the emotions of happiness or sadness in relation to a situation.

Archangel Raguel is encouraging you to tune into any recurring physical or emotional feelings you may have as they represent guidance from the angels.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

Things become much clearer when we interpret both cards together.

The first card is advising us that now is not the right time for whatever it is that you are asking the angels for. Because you need to grow in some way before the time is right, be it in self-belief and optimism, spritually, compassionately, in your connection with the angels, or through some kind of healing. When you grow, then the time will be right and you will achieve and receive much more than if you had ignored the angels' advice and pushed on through.

The second card is showing us that we have the support from the angels, especially Archangel Raguel who is on hand to help us notice and understand our intuitive feelings, messages from the Divine.

Not only will you intutiveiy feel, through recurring physical and emotional feelings, which area the angels are inviting you to focus and grow in, you'll also intutively feel in which way you need to grow, be it through healing, spiritual growth etc.

Through the combination of these cards the angels are guiding you that, whilst now is not the right time for you, don't feel disheartened, keep up hope (symbol of the torch). Tune into your intuition and your intuitive feelings to understand where your focus needs to go. And when you grow the right time may appear and you'll be blessed with much more than you would have achieved or received if you had not heeded the angels advice. The angels are here to support and guide you. They want only the best for you. And that can mean further self-development so we are ready to receive what the angels wish for us.

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