Archangel Gabriel: As you nurture a child, you nurture your own inner child. Both activities are important for you right now.

We associate Archangel Gabriel, primarily, with communication as she was the messenger sent by God to Mary to announce the arrival of her son, Jesus. In many religious texts and references, Gabriel is attributed to the male energy. However, more modern thinking relates Gabriel to feminine energy (even though angels are neither female nor male) because it would seem more likely and certainly less frightening to have a female Archangel speak to Mary about being pregnant and giving birth, than a male Archangel.

And the feminine theme continues when we associate Gabriel with children and nurturing. Although not all the time, most of the time it is the mother that is considered to be the nurturer of the family, the primary carer of the children.

Through this card we are being invited to nurture the young ones in our care and also those who cross our path. To support them, guide them, and help them along their journey in life so they grow into adults who are consciously aware of the needs of the planet we call home, with respect to the animal kingdom we share this planet with, with love, honour and respect towards each other and treat all humans equally... and so much more. In everything we say and do, we set examples to those in our care so ensure that everything you say or do positively benefits and nurtures any young child or person around you.

This card, however, goes beyond caring for the young. It also focuses on caring for our inner child. Within each of us is an inner child and many of our day to day decisions are made based on that inner child's perception. Up until the age of 7, we are molded like clay and everything we see, hear and experience we soak up like sponges. All our experiences, all the beliefs we created as a result of what we saw, heard and experienced until the age of 7, reflects how we make decisions as an adult. So it's important to nurture and at times, heal, our inner child so the choices and decisions we make today are beneficial to us as adults and not only keeping our inner child safe.

Be conscious of your actions and your words when you speak to children and nurture them, for those words and actions are a mirror for what your inner child feels or needs to hear. You are teaching what you need to learn so pay attention to the messages and guidance you offer children in your care and around you. Those messages are for you, as well as for the children.

And, finally, when we think of children we think of carefree days filled with play and laughter. Often, as adults, life takes on a more serious role. This card is a reminder to take time to let go, play and have fun. Be that child again so your energy remains light and high. In so doing you are also nurturing and supporting your inner child. We are all children, some of us are just more grown up (older) than others.

This card has such a gentle and soft energy, yet within that energy is such great strength. Archangel Gabriel, depicted in the centre of the picture holding the baby, is clothed in a green robe or dress which wraps around the baby. Green is the colour of healing and through Archangel Gabriel you can bring healing to your inner child, resolve any hurt or fear that you may have carried forward through your inner child.

Surrounding the baby and Archangel Gabriel are adoring angels dressed in purple. Purple is the colour of angelic connection. Archangel Gabriel is encouraging you to connect with her, and the angels who work alongside her, when you need assistance through any phase of the life-giving process, from conception to birth to parenting. She and her angels will support and guide you. And when you seek to nurture your inner child, to play and have fun, invite Archangel Gabriel to provide opportunities for you to have fun and go back to childhood. She will support and guide you in nurturing your own inner child.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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