open your heart - archangel chamuel

Thank you Chamuel for removing the barriers around my heart

Before we talk about opening your heart, I want to ask "How closed is your heart?"

Romantic relationships from the past, that have ended, may have encouraged you to create protection round your heart, protection that ensures you don't get so hurt again.

Friends, family, colleagues, clients, people of influence throughout your life, may have let you down, may have hurt you and, so, you have built up barriers to shield yourself in an attempt to, again, protect you from being let down again.

We all create shields and barriers around our heart.

However, what I want us to focus on is that those shields, those barriers that we have created are based on past experiences and past events. And they're designed to protect us from future experiences and future events.

However, I ask you "When are we living? When should we be living?"

If you are living in the past you can't embrace the beauty of the present. If you're living for the future, you, also, can't embrace the beauty of the present.

The only time to live is now, the present. And if you live in the now, in the present, you can't live with barriers or shields around your heart. Because those barriers and shields have been created as a result of experiences and events from the past. They are not relevant to today, to the present.

However, their presence is very much impacting your present. Because their presence is preventing people coming into your life, preventing love coming into your life, be it romantic or platonic love.

The past is the past, it no longer exists. The future has yet to come so why concern yourself about what you don't yet know? The present is what is important and if your present is influenced by the past or fear of the future, you can never embrace the present fully, you can never embrace the people and opportunities that may be knocking at your door because you're simply too scared to open that door incase you get hurt.

The Archangel depicted on this card is Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love. His purpose is to help us see, and embrace, opportunities to love, be loved and give love. To embrace life and the love that we can experience from it when we live it fully. To embrace our reason for choosing this life and fulfilling our purpose in life which, in essence, is to be love and give love.

The colour most closely associated with Archangel Chamuel is pink, or ruby (a deep pink). Pink is the colour of compassion and the depth of the pink associated with Chamuel implies a deep sense of compassion, to ourselves and to everything and everyone around us.

In his chest is a 6-pointed star. Although, most often, considered to be the Jewish emblem, the Star of David, it is also the centrepiece of the heart chakra (anahata) symbol. And I feel it is the latter that's important here.

In the heart chakra symbol, the 6-pointed star is created by 2 intertwining, reverse triangles. The triangle pointed downwards reminds us of the 3 lower, physical chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus). And the triangle pointed upwards reminds us of the 3 upper, spiritual chakras (throat, 3rd eye, crown). The heart chakra is the bridge connecting our physicality with our spirituality.

In essence, we are spiritual beings enjoying a human experience, however, if our heart is blocked, if we have built barriers of protection around our heart, we cannot move up through the upper chakras to enjoy the spiritual side of our human existence. And, when we can't grow spiritually, we are only leading a very base, human existence.

So, not only, is opening your heart important for the present moment, the only moment in time, it's also important for you to embrace a full experience while here on earth.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Prayers Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Jason Mccreadie

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