painful heart

While on an animal communication course, I was communicating with a beautiful and highly sensitive dog.

Although new to animal communication, I felt our conversation was going quite well.

But then, suddenly, things seemed to change.

I felt a sudden pain in my heart.

I was unsure what I should do. I knew it was important to relay the information but I also didn't want to frighten or upset the dog's guardian, especially as I was new to communicating and there was a likelihood that my sensation was wrong or unconnected. It was also the very first time I had every sensed anything physically. I usually receive my information in pictures, words, thoughts, or through knowing.

So I decided to wait until after the communication when I could pull my teacher to one side and speak with her privately, whilst everyone else was chatting to the dog's guardian and making a fuss over the dog who had been such an excellent teacher for us.

I mentioned my concerns with her and I told her about the pain I had felt in my heart. Whilst she hadn't received the same information she decided to check in with the dog there and then and she nodded in agreement that there was something in what I had felt. She advised me that she would relay the information to the dog's guardian so she could get her dog checked out at the vet.

That was a very important lesson for me and one that I have carried forward and applied in all areas of my work, when reading angel cards and in my training to become a medium.

If I feel or sense something, no matter how out of context it is, I make sure to share that with the person I am reading for. Because, whilst it may seem out of place or I may even doubt it's correctness, it may be something of significance to the person I'm reading for.

This is something, I feel, has helped me develop my abilities and gifts so I can now pass on accurate, helpful and loving messages. It is something that has helped me strengthen and trust in my intuition.

Viv xx