Thoughts from Past Pampered Party Hosts & Guests

Unsure if you should host a Simply Pampered Party?

Then read what these past hosts and guests have to say.

"I organized a pamper party as a special treat for some tired moms. There were eight of us, all different with our own preferences and personal styles. Vivienne (the party consultant) did a fantastic job of explaining all of the products to us and educating us about what to look for in future purchases. We enjoyed doing face masks* and trying everything out. Even the moms who were ‘not into that kind of thing’ had a great evening and ended up ordering something. There was no pressure to buy, just have a fun informative evening. I would highly recommend it and hope that one of my friends will host another one soon!” Lynn, Delft (host)

*please note: face masks are not currently part of the Simply Skin range

"I have been a great fan of Simply Skin products since I was introduced to them, so it should come as no surprise that I wanted to attend a Simply Skin Pamper Party. I figured that getting together with friends in a relaxed atmosphere and getting to try new products was a perfect combination! I was not dissapointed. The atmosphere was relaxed indeed, and I loved getting to try whole new products, such as massage candles*, different face masks* and body butters, Mmmm... I always enjoy hearing stories behind the products- how they're made, the special ingredients used and anecdotes connected to certain products. Vivienne could provide all that, telling fascinating tales of healing properties of the ingredients she used and how her products were made. She also asked our opinions about a new line she plans to introduce soon - as a customer I always appreciate the opportunity to give my opinion on a product! I left the party very pampered indeed. One of the things I love about Simply Skin products is that I can enjoy a more personal relationship with Vivienne - I have rarely experienced this kind of commitment before! And pamper parties are further proof of this - it's very personal - you, and your friends, and a great product with a great personality behind it!" Olga, Rijswijk (Guest)

*please note: face masks are not currently part of the Simply Skin range

“In March we were still in the depths of a long, dark Dutch winter and for the sake of my own sanity I decided to host a Simply Pampered Party. I needed something luxurious and a way to spoil myself and my friends and this was the perfect option. We all gathered in my living room oohing and aahing over the scents of the scrubs and cleansers, and the sumptuousness of the body butters (I’m still torn between the Citrus Zing* and the Mango and Japanese Plum*). At the end of the evening we were all falling over ourselves to place orders. I absolutely loved hosting a Simply Pampered Party and am wondering if I can get away with hosting another...” Nerissa, Almere (Host & Guest)

*please note: the Simply Skin collections have changed and these scents may no longer be available

"I attended a Simply Pampered Party a few months ago and was really impressed with the level of knowledge Vivienne has. She had a deep understanding of her products and the chemistry behind them. Further, she was very friendly and the party was a great experience.” Molly, Delft (Guest and, later, Host)

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