past life issue

Ask your angels ot help you remember, release, learn,a nd heal

Before we move forward with today's card reading I'm inviting you to take a few moments and hone in on the issue or situation that is leaving you feeling stuck at the moment.

When you do this, don't over-think it. The issue or situation that springs to your mind first is the one that the angels want you to relate to today's message.

We have some very strong colours on this card today: purple, green, white and dark blue.

But before I talk about the colours and link them to today's reading, I want to first talk about past-life.

There are many schools of thought around the concept of past-lives, ranging from those who believe we have only one life to those who believe we can have an infinite number of lives. To be honest, it doesn't matter where you stand in order to achieve insights from this card.

If you believe we have only one life and you are living it right now, then 'past-life' relates to your earlier life. Right here, right now we are in the present moment and you are living your present life. What happened 22 years ago, 22 months ago, or even 22 days ago is, for you, your past-life.

If you are of the belief that we have many, or even an infinite number of, lives, then, for you, 'past-life' refers to a previous lifetime, a previous existence.

In both and either case, the angels are inviting you to take into consideration that a past-life issue or experience is currently holding you back or blocking your way in your present life and moment. And until you address it, you may struggle to move forward.

So, with that in mind, let's turn to the colours on the card and decipher their relevance and meaning.

When it comes to the issue or situation that's on your mind, the angels are inviting us to turn to them, and enhance our angelic connection (purple). Ask the angels for guidance, ask them for understanding and insights, ask them to show you and teach you how this issue and situation is holding you back, so you may learn and take those teachings forward, break through any barriers that may be holding you back, and overcome any obstacles that are standing in your way.

White is usually linked with Source energy (God, Divinity, The Universe... whichever name you prefer to use). However, on this card, because it only appears in relation to the angel, I feel it reflects purity and unconditional love.

The archangel on this card is Archangel Raziel. He can help you to understand your past-life experiences and how they can be impacting your present life.  As he is the angel to turn to, you want to create an angelic connection with him (purple), when you want to understand how your past may be stunting your present, there's no surprise that the most of the purple on the card is linked directly to him; on and around his wings, on his waistband. So whilst all the angels can support and guide you, in this particular situation Archangel Raziel is letting you know that he's the angel that can really help you gain insights and understandings so you can go on to heal and move forward.

I feel the white in his wings and in his robe is also relevant. It feels like it is a colour of reassurance; reassurance that no matter what our thoughts, beliefs or actions in the past may have been and how they are impacting our present, that Archangel Raziel will guide us and support us from a place of unconditional love, from a place of purity and non-judgement. Like all angels he wants us to live to our full potential and will guide and support us in whichever way he can so we can do so.

Green is a colour that pops up on many cards and relates to healing. When an experience, an issue or a situation from your past is holding you back, in order for you to move forward, you need to heal from that experience, issue or situation. But how do we know in which capacity to heal and how do we go on to heal? Well, we ask Archangel Raziel for insights and understanding into our situation. How does the past impact the present? As we gain insights and understanding, we can then make conscious decisions and choices which alter our way of thinking, our way of behaving in the situation so we break free from how we thought or behaved in the same or similar situation in the past. By breaking free we are healing and able to move forward.

What I notice about the green on this card is that it's in the form of overgrown vegetation. And that says to me that the issue from your past which is impacting your present, is not from the recent or immediate past. You may have to look further back. However, the vegetation, whilst long, doesn't feel overly thick to me. So even though you may have carried forward beliefs or behaviours from your past which are no longer serving you and inhibiting your growth and ability to step forward, your ties with these past experiences can be easily cut.

The final colour on the card is a dark blue. Dark blue is the colour of strength. This colour is nowhere near as dominant on this card as the other colours. However I feel it is still important and relevant. And it is present to remind us that when we recognise how our past may be impacting our present, when we turn to Archangel Raziel for insights, when we can heal those past issues, we become stronger and can step forward from our present into our future with great strength as a result of healing and growth.

Most of how we live, most of how we think, most of how we behave, we do automatically, un-consciously. We live most of our lives on automatic pilot and with knee-jerk reactions, to all manner of situations, that are linked to our past. I feel there is much more behind the meaning of this card than looking to what, in our past, may be impacting a situation in our present, learning from it, healing it, and moving forward. I feel this card is inviting us to live, think, and behave consciously, each and every day in each and every situation.

If we are more conscious of how we're living every day, our choices and why we make those choices; if we're more conscious of our thoughts about ourselves and others, be they family, friends or strangers; if we're more conscious of our behaviour and our knee jerk reactions to issues and situations; then we can truly ask ourselves: "Is this reflective of who I am today? Does this truly represent the person I want to become?". If we feel we're out of balance and alignment with who we truly are and want to be, as a result of living automatically and unconsciously and running our lives based on programming from our past (childhood or past lives), then through consciousness we can gain insights into why we live, think, behave the way we do and consciously change anything and everything that does not reflect the person we have grown to become, is not in alignment with who we truly are, and is no longer serving us.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Therapy Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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