paul the venetian

Experiencing grace.

Share your gifts with grace. Waves of inspiration and love are coming to you.


Paul the Venetian is considered to be the ascended form of the soul whose final incarnation here on earth was that of a famous Italian Renaissance artist who lived in Venice, hence the name Paul the Venetian. And that artist went by the name Paulo Veronese.

When he ascended, his gift was to bring forth our creative gifts, whether it's our artistic gifts, our intuitive abilities; that we can bring them forth, and bring them forth to bring the beauty of our soul into the world.

Look into his eyes. What a strong blue his eyes are. They almost penetrate your very soul but not in a harsh way. He has this very gentle, very graceful, and a beautiful energy about him. And it feels like his eyes are penetrating your soul from a place of love. Because, through him, we can bring forth our creative gifts and we can celebrate our creative gifts, and let the world see them.

He is often depicted wearing green velvet. And green is the colour of the heart chakra. Additionally, his vibration is considered to be the colour of rose or pink. And we see a rose here, in his chest, which is the position of his heart chakra. So it is reminding us that Paul the Venetian comes from a place of love. And he opens up our heart chakra so that we can bring forth our creative skills, and our light and beauty, to this world.

So he's here to open us up, to reveal our soul's purpose and our skills from a place fo love and compassion.

And if we look at the card. At the back of the card you'll see these very faint colours. Pinks and orange. For me, pink is very much the colour of compassion which sums up Paul the Venetian. It's one of his traits. Orange, for me, tends to be the colour of spiritual connection. However, in this instance, I feel it's not so much spiritual connection but soul connection, as Paul the Venetian is stepping forward to remind us to bring forth, with grace, the beauty that is within our soul. And he's also reminding us that there are waves of inspiration and love coming our way.

So if you have an inclination towards anything that is creative; painting, drawing, designing, architecture, anything that uses creative gifts, but you've never let them come to the fore, then the presence of Paul the Venetian is reminding you to look into your soul and to let those skills and those talents and those gifts rise to the surface.

He's also here to remind us to go into our heart space, to open our heart and let our true essence shine through, and shine through with love and beauty so we can bring our light to the world.

Like I said, he has the most gentle, positive, gracious energy about him. And, although his eyes seem to penetrate your soul, they do so from a place of love. As he is reminding us that when we follow our path, when we bring forth the creative gifts that we have in our soul, including our intuitive gifts that we were born with, then we bring light to this world, then we bring passion to this world, we bring love and beauty to this world. And we make this world a better place.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses

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