Archangel Chamuel: "Peace comes from remembering that only love is real"

Without darkness, we cannot appreciate light.

Without fear, we cannot appreciate love.

It can be a challenge for us, as humans, to see everything, to experience everything from a place of love. Often what lies on the surface of a situation such as hurt, pain, disappointment, blurs our view of what lies deep below; the underlying truth that everything and everyone is love because we are created from the same energy, we are one with the same energy. And that energy is unconditional love.

There will be many times when people hurt you, when you feel they've let you down or even taken advantage of you. It's difficult to see and feel beyond those primal emotions. However, through this card the angels are inviting us to see beyond the immediate and trust that a higher loving wisdom is looking after us, supporting us, and guiding us.

When we're challenged, when we feel we've been let down, it's during those times that we need to dig deep and have faith and trust that, below the surface, is a valuable lesson for us to learn, a lesson that will help us grow, a lesson that is steeped in love, a lesson that we need (and have brought into our reality) in order for us to become a better person. For if we cannot or do not grow, we become stagnant and stale like muddied water.

So always hold the intention to see the light in every situation. See yourself and those around you with eyes of love, for the lessons you receive through your experiences and through those around you, are lessons for your higher good.

Flooding this card are the colours of orange and white. Orange is the colour of spiritual growth and white the colour of Source energy, the Divine.

When we view everything from a place of love, when we are open to grow and learn in the knowledge that each and every person and experience that crosses our path does so, so we can blossom and flourish, not to hurt or harm us, then we can begin to grow spiritually.

Although this message is brought to us today through Archangel Chamuel, the presence of white on the card reminds us that the message comes from Source energy, the Divine; Archangel Chamuel is the messenger.

Birds represent flying high, flying free, feeling the wind beneath your wings, seeing things from a higher perspective. And, when we are asked to look at everyone and everything from a place of love, we are, indeed, being asked to view all things from a much higher perspective than we, as a human race, are used to do. And when we do so, freedom and a sense of flying high is our reward.

The bird on this card is a dove and doves are synonomous with the concept of peace. Throughout the ages doves have been seen as messengers and symbols of hope, love and peace. When we view our life, our experiences, and the world around us from a place of love, then we can experience true peace. And with peace comes hope.

This beautiful and uplifting (though challenging) message has been lovingly delivered to us by Archangel Chamuel. Chamuel’s name means ‘He who sees God’ and he is the Angel of love and of peace. He has the most gentle yet powerful energy which, when you invite him into your life, will penetrate your heart, directly, and help you to open your heart so that you can receive the love and support you deserve. 

He is the perfect archangel to be delivering this message to us today because, amongst his many tasks and abilities is his ability to help us move from our ego into our heart. We tend to seek happiness outside ourselves, be it through relationships, success at work, wealth etc. It's when we seek external happiess that we experience the hurts, disapointments, frustrations. Chamuel shows us that true happiness can only be found within ourselves.

As Chamuel invites us to see only love in our lives, we can begin to move away from negativity and the darker emotions. So many of us are drawn
to the negative side of situations, however when we begin to work with Chamuel, he will help us see love in every situation. When someone hurts you, disppoints you or lets you down, Chamuel is here to help yu release those feelings. It's your role to reflect how you wish to be treated, not to react in response to how you are treated for, in doing so, you are proving to yourself that your energy actually attracted that behaviour and mis-treatment in the first place. We attract every thing, every experience, every person into our lives. So, if we want to begin changing a situation, we need to release it completely, bless it with love and let it go. We need to see that every situation is teaching us a lesson, from a place of love, that is designed to help us grow and become better human beings.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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