peaceful resolution

replacing conflict with harmony

This deck of angel cards tends not to focus so much on symbolism as colours, and I always find the colours really striking.

In this card I'm drawn to the pink of the woman's cloak and the rainbow she's holding between her hands. My eyes are then drawn to the angel that seems to be standing behind her and how the colour of his wings seems to change from orange to gold. And finally we have a very strong purple which fills the background.

Pink is the colour of compassion. We're talking about a peaceful resolution here, so I feel there's a need to express compassion to those around you who may be caught up in a conflict or disagreement with you. Whatever stress or conflict you may be experiencing right now in your life is coming to an end. Let it end peacefully. Even if people simply agree to disagree, ensure you demonstrate compassion so everyone involved can feel some warmth of love and walk away accepting the resolution with peace in their hearts.

It's also important to show some self-compassion. Don't beat yourself up by letting yourself get dragged into this situation. Don't berate yourself for not being strong enough to have walked away. I feel that words needed to be said, things needed to be done in order for everything to end in a peaceful resolution. So show yourself a little compassion.

In her hands the woman is holding a rainbow. Rainbows symbolise positive change and expansive blessings. The fact that the woman (ie you) are holding the rainbow between your hands tells me that you have the ability to resolve whatever conflicts or disagreements are currently taking place. You hold the ability to induce positive change between your hands, which takes strength and courage. When you exercise this ability, expansive blessings will shine down on you. Conflicts and disagreements will be resolved in your favour. Practice forgiveness with those who may have wronged you or been in error. Allow peace to come with grace and dignity for all involved.

The angel in the card is standing behind the woman which tells me that your angels "have your back". They're supporting you and guiding you in this difficult time. His wings change from orange to gold. Orange is the colour of spiritual growth and gold the colour of prosperity and success. Although the situation may feel challenging, when you turn to the angels for help and support, you'll grow spiritually as a result of this experience and the situation will be resolved in your favour. If the situation has financial implications, trust that the angels have your back and, financially, things will fall in your favour.

In the background is the beautiful colour of purple, the colour of angelic connection. We've already talked about the angel in the card having your back, and through this experience you will grow spiritually. The purple, I feel, is further emphasis that the angels want to connect with you not only in this current situation, but always. So invite them into your life, connect with them, and have faith and trust that they are here for your highest good.

One final thing in this card that has been catching my eye and that I just simply cannot ignore is the bright light that shines from/covers the angel's face and which shines out from the woman's heart. I feel this is truly significant and it would be remiss for me to look at this and not determine its meaning, especially as it has been catching my eye so much whilst interpreting the rest of the card. What I feel the meaning behind these lights is, is that throughout this situation the angels want you to shine from your heart, be true and honest. How you behave in this situation is a true reflection of the angels and they want you to shine brightly. There may be times when this may feel difficult. It's during those times that the angels want you to ask them for their support, to shine their angelic light through your heart so you may be guided along the correct path towards the peaceful resolution and, also, for others to witness how you act and behave in the situation, in a way the represents the angelic love that is within your soul.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Answers Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, artwork by Marius Michael-George

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