peaceful warrior

A loving and supportive message from the "Lionness of God"

"Thank you Ariel for helping me stand my ground with peace!"

When I turned over the card that had jumped out of the deck for today's interpretation, I was struck by the vibrant colours of yellow and orange that immediately caught my attention.

I knew instantly, just by the colours, that there would be a truly positive interpretation behind this card... and I'm right.

Yellow signifies positivity, optimism, self-belief. Orange represents spiritual growth. I also see hints of pink shining through, hints of compassion even though this is not part of the primary message but is something I feel is a supportive message.

In Archangel Ariel's right hand, she holds a spear. But the head of the spear can't even be seen as it's shrouded in such a bright yellow, almost blinding, light.

Archangel Ariel's name means "Lionness of God". She is a warrior-spirited angel but how she wins battle and wars is through peace in her heart.

She wants the same for us and will always be here supporting us when we call upon her in times when we feel we are 'walking into battle'.

There may be times when someone doesn't agree with your point of view and chastises you, there are times when you know that you're going to have to have a really tough conversation with someone, there are times when you want to get your opinion across and you know it won't be an opinion that everyone around you will accept, there are times when you feel the need to stand up for something you believe in.

There are so many times in our life when we feel challenged. And that's when you call upon Archangel Ariel for support and guidance.

I guess a good motto for Archangel Ariel would be "when all around you are losing their heads, keep yours". When we are confronted by someone, when we feel passionate about something, when we feel the need to stand up for what we believe in, when we feel it important to fight for our opinion, Archangel Ariel is advising us to keep our calm. When others are getting heated in a conversation, rise above it. When others are shouting around you, keep your peace and stay calm.

And through it all stay positive and hold on to your own self-belief, belief in your principles, in your personal ethics, in your beliefs.

It seems the world around us is in a constant state of turmoil. Nations up in arms against nations, political dramas everywhere you look, destruction of the environment and the loss of natural animal habitats. We are bathed in negative news every day and you might think that the only way for your voice to be heard is to be louder than the next loudest person. But that doesn't get the best result.

Because as you raise your voice to meet those around you, as what you think is passion (but turns out to be anger) bubbles to the surface, you are not actually benefitting the situation. You're simply adding fuel to the fire.

You have a voice, you have an opinion and you shouldn't be afraid to share it. But Archangel Ariel is telling us that the better way to enter the arena and be heard is to do so as a peaceful warrior. When you know you need to stand up and be heard, and we all need to be heard, the angels are encouraging you to do so, but only do so when you're coming from a positive and peaceful space, a place of high energy and vibrational frequency. The angels are asking you not to fall down to the fear-based vibration that you may be up against. Raise yourself above that. Let your spear shine with the light of positivity, optimism, and self-belief, rather than appear as an emblem of war.

If you stop and look at what is happening around you from a higher perspective, with fresh eyes, you will see that the anger that seems to suffocate every single situation, be it personal, political or environmental, is just adding fuel to each one of those fires. Nothing is getting fully and fairly resolved. So, by taking a higher perspective, you can already see that anger and fear-based emotions are not resolving conflicts. Because war, conflict, fear, hate... they're all very low vibrational frequencies. And, when it comes to energy, like attracts like. So if you enter a disagreement, which already carries a low vibrational energy, with a low-vibrational emotion like fear or anger, it will simply breed and escalate other low-vibrational emotions such as resentment, hatred, bitterness.

The angels are inviting us to take a different stance, to bring high vibrational energies like peace and love to a disagreement, to a situation we feel is wrong. The more high vibrational energy we can bring to a situation, the better the chance of quashing and eradicating the low vibrational energies and resolving the situation. The angels are advising us that there is true strength in holding things together, when others fall apart, and sending everyone around you (especially those challenging you) peaceful thoughts and blessings.

I haven't yet touched on the colour of pink that appears in small amounts on the cards. It's not a dominant colour so is not part of the primary message but I feel, as a secondary message, it is important.

Pink is the colour of compassion. Showing compassion to others but also to ourselves. There will be times that, with all the best intention of the world, we will drop down to the emotions of fear and anger in a situation... we're human and far from perfect. In these instances, the angels are inviting us to be compassionate on ourselves and learn from the experience rather than beating ourselves up. The more you learn, the more you grow and improve. Where you dropped down to a low vibration in one discussion and only realised what had happened afterwards, the next time it happens you'll be able to see that your vibration is dropping and immediately act on it. You can only learn through mistakes and being compassionate on yourself about those mistakes.

WOW! Lovely soul... this has been a looonnng interpretation today! But I feel it such an important one. We are living in turbulent times where other nations, animals, Mother Earth need our support now more than ever before. The angels are our greatest teachers. So when they invite you to become a peaceful warrior, listen. Next time you see something that stirs emotion inside of you, send the people, the animals in that situation, love and peace. Don't jump on the bandwagon of fear and anger as that only adds fuel to the fire. We are here to heal the earth, our fellow human-beings and the animals we share this planet with. Healing can only come from a place of love and peace.

Go heal, lovely soul. You may be but one person but as a collective we can achieve so much.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Prayers Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Jason Mccreadie

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