planting seeds

Seeds of grace are being planted in the fertile soil of my soul


When I look at this card, there are two colours that I really notice; they are the colour green and the colour brown.

Brown, for me, is the colour of the earth, the colour of the tree, it's the colour of nature. And what that says to me is that the angels are encouraging you to get back to who you are, to get back to who you are at soul level. What's your very essence? What do you dream to accomplish in life? What do you want to achieve in this lifetime?

The angels are saying, get back to who you truly are. Perhaps you've stepped off your path, maybe you've been influence by people around you, maybe you've been listening to family members or society in general when they've been saying that you need to follow 'this' path in life, not 'that' path. And, so, you've walked away from who you truly are. The angels are saying, get back to who you are at your very soul. Get back to who you naturally are.

The colour green, for me, is all about healing. When you do return to who you naturally are, then there will be a lot of healing that will take place.

Whenever we walk a road that is not our path, whenever we are influenced by other people, we don't usually enjoy walking that road. We may come across more obstacles than if we were walking our chosen path. Just because we walk our chosen path doesn't mean it'll be a straight run; there will be bumps in the road that we create ourselves. But if we are walking a path that doesn't feel right to us at soul level, rather we feel we're walking it to please everyone around us, then there will be so many more obstacles in that path, it will be so much harder to walk, it will be like an uphill struggle all the time.

Whenever you return to who you are at soul level, that will bring a lot of healing, a lot of rejuvenation, a lot of growth in your life again.

With regards the symbols, there are three symbols that are standing out for me: the tree, the seeds, and the fence.

It says on the card "seeds of grace are being planted in the fertile soil of my soul". When you want something to grow, if you're a farmer and you're growing seeds so you can harvest a really good crop, one of the first things you look for is fertile soil. The fertile soil of your soul - you have to be ready. And the angels are saying, you are ready to receive those lovely seeds of grace. Let them fall into your fertile soul so that they will grow and flourish, so that you, whenever it comes to harvest time, can reap the rewards of those seeds being grown in the fertile soil.

One thing that we need to remember about seeds if you want to have a beautiful crop, the farmer just doesn't go out one day and plant his seeds in the fertile soil and walk away. He needs to look after those seeds, he needs to tend them, he needs to pull up any weeds that may be growing around them and constricting them from fully blossoming. The seeds need sunlight. They need water so that they can grow and flourish. They need to be tended. You just can't walk away, fingers crossed, and hope for the best. You need to look after those seeds.

Whenever you have a dream, whenever you want to achieve something and return to who you are at soul level, and walk the path that you are, here, destined to walk, you just don't decide one day "I'm going to walk this path". It takes time, it takes effort and you do need to look after your soul and the seeds that you have planted along the way.

We have a tree here. Trees, for me, are about an harmonious exchange where the tree takes in the carbon dioxide we breathe out and exchanges it for oxygen that keeps us alive. There's an harmonious exchange. The tree on the card is inviting you to return to your natural self. It feels, again, like you may have stepped off your path because you didn't want to rock the boat, you've been trying to please everybody around you, you've been putting everybody's thoughts and needs before your own. And you've been giving, giving, giving too much. Now's the time to really look at yourself and bring back more harmony into your life.

The tree in the picture, I feel, is an oak tree. The words I associate with an oak tree are wisdom, longevity, strength. An oak tree will take up to at least 20 years before it will bear the fruit, the acorn, that can be used to create a new oak tree. It's not uncommon for oak trees to live for 1,000 years. The oldest oak tree in the world, I believe, is in California and it's deemed to be 13,000 years old! There aren't many trees who live to be 1,000 years old, never mind 13,000 years! This says to me that you're going to have to be a little bit patient. It feels like the seeds are growing. It also feels like we're going full circle here, like the circle of life. The oak tree has grown. It has taken years to grow and now it's ready to plant the seeds in your fertile soil. However, just because you're open to receive those seeds, it doesn't mean to say you plant them today and your dream life arrives tomorrow. You need to tend those seeds, you need to look after them, you need to water them, give them sunlight, remove the weeds. You need to look after them but you also need to be patient. I'm not saying that we're planting the seeds today and in 20 years time you'll have an oak tree, your dreams will come true. It can be a lot faster than that. What we are saying is that you've got to have a little bit of patience. You've got to let these seeds take root and then grow.

Like I said, it feels like it's the cycle of life. It feels like there are times whenever you're ready to plant seeds, there are times whenever you're ready to nuture those seeds, there are times when you need to harvest those seeds. And it's all about the cycle of life. Everything in life goes in cycles. For you, this is the time, your soul is ready, to plant the seeds into your life. Now is the time to really check in with yourself and ask "what is it I desire in my life?", "Why am I here?", "What is my goal in life?", "What is my purpose?".

Sit with that for a while and really get to grips with it and how it feels.

And when you think you know what your dream is, sit with it a little bit longer and ask yourself "Is this really why I'm here?" to make sure that you're on the right track.

And also ask yourself, because this isn't the first time that seeds would have been sown in your life, maybe in the past they were blocked from growing because there were so many weeds, "why did the seeds in the past, not grow?", "why did the crop fail?", "what blocked those seeds from growing?". Ask those questions too.

The card message is saying that you have the wisdom now. The oak tree is full of wisdom and longevity. Your soul has wisdom in it. You can learn so much from your soul. Now's the time to start rebirth and regrowth.

I mentioned the fence. A fence is like a barrier. However, when you come to a fence, it's not like it's a brick wall. There are layers (or rails) in the fence so you can easily climb over it. It's saying, don't let an obstacle stand in your way. If something comes between you and your dreams, and you and the seeds that are growing in the fertile soil of your soul, climb over that obstacle. It doesn't really have to be there. Don't make it into something it isn't. Climb over it.

This is a most beautiful message. Such an uplifting message. It's saying, you are ready now. We have planted the seeds in the fertile soil of your soul and, now, you just need to tend and look after them, to create your dream life, to walk your soul path, to know what your purpose here on earth is. The seeds are there. The seeds have been planted. And now you just need to care for them.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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