and the answer is...

Here's the front side of the playing cards...

Did you choose correctly?

Did you choose the right card as the card being from the black suit?

And did you get it right before you clicked to see the answer here?

And, probably most importantly... did you write your choice down first before you checked the answer? If you did, then you know for sure whether you got it right, or not. If you didn't write your answer down first, then you can never been 100% certain whether you actually got it right (or not) because our mind is so incredibly clever, fast and cunning that it will have convinced you in a milisecond that you got it right when you saw the answer, whether you actually did or not.

WELL DONE! if you got this right.

However, not wanting to burst your bubble too quickly... in fairness, there was a 50/50 chance that you'd get it right. This really wasn't proving if your intuition is working or not. But it is a start and a beginning... and that's important.

We could continue this game further making it more and more challenging each time, that way proving just how strong your intuition is (or I should really say, how well you tune into your intuition). But for that, you'll have to join the Facebook group with the rest of my students who are currently successfully learning to ignite their intuition.

So let me ask you...

How would you like to look at the back of playing cards and (almost) every time be able to determine the suit or the number on the other side correctly?

Better still how would you like to make better decisions and choices in life? Indeed, how would you like to know, with confidence, which choices and decisions are best for you? And resulting from that, how would you like to live your best life, a life that is abundant, that flows, that is much more easy?

Tempting, isn't it?

But you're probably thinking it's way too hard. In fact, it's probably impossible, right?

Well, yes it is... if you don't strengthen your intuition. However, nothing's impossible if you do.

Would you like to ignite and strengthen your intuition?