power and intention


You can feel the power coming out of this card.

See how the guy is standing. He's standing with a torch lighting his way, shining his light. But he's also standing with his arm in front, his fist closed. It's like he's saying "I'm really intending to achieve what I have set my mind to". There's real strength behind this card. Real determination behind how he's holding himself and how he is standing.

It's all about power and intention. Sometimes whenever we set an intention, and power starts to come into play, sometimes our thoughts can get a little bit too strong, sometimes our ego comes into play a little bit too strongly. However, as you can see in the card, the light that is streaming from his head, the violet, the purple light, the connection with the angelic and spiritual realm, it's streaming from his head. And it's saying to me, whenever you set your intention with power and determination behind it, but you do so for the highest good of you and for anybody else involved, you connect like the powerful shaft of light on the card that connects you to the Divine. You're sending out that intention to the Universe so the angels and the spiritual realm can get involved and can help you manifest whatever you have set your intention around.

Besides the man looking so strong and so powerful and so determined, what really stood out for me was the yellow in the background. Yellow, for me, is the colour of optimism, positivity, and self-belief. When you set that intention, you need to still take actions, you need to still meet the Universe halfway. You just don't set the intention and then say, "Right, Universe, deliver. I'm waiting for my package to arrive". You need to still do the work, you need to still keep moving forward, and the Universe will walk with you and support you so that your intention is manifested.

But you need to also remain positive. Sometimes, when we set our intention for something great, something big, something that we need to put some power behind, at the start of that intention we're all geared up, we're all excited, we're very optimistic because otherwise we wouldn't have set the intention in the first place. We're full of self-belief, we're full of positivity. But as time goes on, sometimes that optimism and that positivity and that self-belief can begin to wane and waver.

If you notice in the yellow colour, there are some dark spots in yellow. Sometimes you share your intention with the people around you and they take a big pin and they immediately burst your bubble. Or your mind starts to play up and starts to rationalise everything and tell you, "You're never gonna achieve that intention. It's far too big for you" because your mind doesn't want you to grow, it wants you to stay small and stay safe.

So, at times, whenever you are meant to be positive and full of self-belief and optimistic about your intention, there will be times whenever there can be little dark spells in there. And you need to make sure there's more yellow than there are dark spots. You need to make sure that who you share your intention with, that they're people who will say, "Of course you can achieve that! I can't wait to see you achieve that!" rather than people who say, "How do you think you're gonna do that? Do you think you're gonna do that?"

And with yourself, you will want to remain positive, you want to have self-belief, you want to remain optimistic that you can achieve that intention. Because you've put it out to the Universe and the Universe is saying, "Right... let's get you there. Let's help you achieve your intention." And the Universe has already started working.

The Universe can do everything it possibly can for you to achieve that intention, but if you lose your self-belief, if you lose your positivity, if you lose your optimism because your mind starts to talk you out of it, no matter what the Universe does, you will never ever achieve your intention. Because it's not for us to decide and choose an intention, put it out to the Universe, and expect the Universe to supply. We need to do the work as well. It's our intention.

Remember., we create our own reality. So, no matter how much work the Universe is doing for us to achieve that intention, if we're still not riding the ride, if we're still not walking the journey, if we've lost belief in that intention and in ourselves, we'll never achieve it.

So, yes, there may be some times whenever you may doubt yourself and others may cause you to doubt yourself as well. Be careful who you share your intentions with. There will be dark spots. But, in essence, stick to the light, stick to the brightness because you have, for your highest good and for the highest good of anybody else involved, created this amazing intention. And you've got so much strength, determination, and power behind it from the offset. You need to keep that rhythm, you need to keep that vibration, you need to keep that frequency high so you can achieve your intention. Because you can achieve anything that you intend to achieve. You can attract and manifest into your life, anything that you intend to attract and manifest.

You just need to keep your vibe high, stay positive, stay optimistic, set your intention for the highest good of you and  for everyone else involved, and involve the Universe. But, most of all, be powerful and stong in your conviction. Be determined and you'll get there.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jennifer Hawkyard

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