"Your material needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality"

Now is the time to really tune into your intuition and listen to the messages from your heart. Because Archangel Ariel is by your side ready to open the gates of abundance and let prosperity, in whatever form you need it, to flow into your life. You just have to open your heart to receive, and remove any blocks that are standing in your way.

Today's card is shrouded in gold from the treasures flowing out of the cornucopia to Archangel Ariel's wings... gold is ever-present on this card. And it is for good reason because gold represents prosperity, abundance and success; the primary message behind this card.

But I feel that the green of Archangel Ariel's dress is even more significant and we would be remiss to ignore it. Because green represents healing.

The message in this card is that Archangel Ariel is here to meet your needs and is pouring prosperity onto your life in many forms: ideas, opportunities, and material prosperity. She's also bringing with her healing energy to heal blocks you may have created in the past which are preventing you from openly receiving abundance and prosperity in the present.

She is carrying a corcucopia (or hollow goat's horn) from which golden treasures are flowing. In classical antiquity, the cornucopia (also called the horn of plenty) was a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts. In our case it is overflowing with every kind of treasure, from golden stars to golden nuggets.

Archangel Ariel is connected to Divine Magic (instant manifestation of the highest will) and wants to help you attract any support you need in your life to fulfil your soul's purpose. She invites you to pass any worries or concerns you may have over to her, you do not need to burden yourself or block yourself from receiving as a result of them. Because by blocking them you have been and are unable to share the goodness you receive to others.

Archangel Ariel's aura is a light pink colour. So if you carry or wear a rose quartz, your heart may open further to this beautiful archangel's love. Ask her for whatever you need and she shall guide you accordingly.

Angels, archangels and all divine beings can only step in and help us in life when we ask them to because of the Universal Law of Free Will. As much as Archangel Ariel wishes to step in and shower your life with all the abundance, prosperity and success she knows you are worthy of, she cannot do so until you open your heart and invite her in.

If you struggle to receive, in anyway, ask Archangel Ariel to remove the blocks you have created that are preventing you from receiving. The angels and the Divine want us to enjoy life, to live a life of abundance (in all meanings of the word... it's not all about money), to feel fulfilled. It is us who create our own reality. Whilst we may want a reality that is overflowing with abundance, our past (and current) beliefs create blocks which prevent that abundance coming our way. To fully open our heart to receive all the treasures and abundance that the Universe wishes to send us we must remove those blocks, change our beliefs, practise forgiveness (of self and others), and truly believe we are worthy of such riches. And Archangel Ariel can help guide you - you need only ask for her help.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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