rejuvenating rain and stepping into stillness

The angels have asked that you consider two cards for this guidance. First I shall interpret them individually and then I shall bring their two messages together as one.

"Clear the past; heal the present"

This card is so full of symbolism it's almost hard to know where to start.

I think first I want to touch on the colours that stand out most for me; purples, pinks and blues, as I feel, through them, there's an underlying theme in this card. A theme of angelic connection (purple), compassion (pink) and strength (blue).

The card is about clearing the past and healing the present and I feel the angels are inviting us to do so with their help and guidance. And to do so in a compassionate way without judgement and harshness towards mistakes we may have made in the past, in order to bring us the strength to cleanse and heal the present so we can continue to move forward.

At the forefront of the picture is a woman. If you are a woman, then this would represent your role in the situation. If you're a man, then it would represent the feminine energy in the situation, energy of gentleness, sensitivity, compassion, connection with others; that feminine energy should be the energy that comes to the forefront.

The title of the card is "rejuvenating rain". So, whilst the rain doesn't feel like a dominant feature in the picture, it is important to the overall message as it's in the very title of the card. Rain relates to the cleansing and clearing of old wounds. It washes away anything that's not serving you, perhaps negative thoughts and beliefs. It can be physical, mental or spiritually cleansing but as rain is closely associated with emotions, it's most likely related to emotional cleansing.

When I think of rain washing over me I also think of the violet flame. When I picture the violet flame (spiritual energy) cleansing my body and aura, I see it as a shower of rain washing over and through me, removing any blocks and anything that isn't serving me. It's an energy of cleansing and healing.

In the background is a waterfall, again a form of water. Waterfalls are all about releasing and letting go. There's a power behind waterfalls; the water doesn't just trickle and flow, it gushes over a great height, giving the idea of powerful cleansing and releasing. It depicts a great release of emotion which leads to rejuvenation and renewal.

However.. at the base of the waterfall are some rocks which seem to be acting as a dam. On one hand are you releasing and clearing the past but on the other hand are you still trying to hold onto it? The water is still flowing through the rocks and boulders but if you removed them completely, imagine how much easier the water would flow. Rocks can represent our stubborn nature. Perhaps you ought to be more compassionate towards yourself and your past and release it freely.

The message I gain from this card is that it's time to release and clear your past so you can move forward to heal your present. To do so let whatever's not serving you flow and release like a waterfall but don't stop it from flowing freely by trying to hold onto it and release it gently. Remove the rocks and boulders that may be holding you back. If this is a struggle, be compassionate and gentle to yourself and ask the angels to step in to help. Although there is great power in this card, I also feel a lot of gentleness and tenderness too, hence the presence of the female and feminine energy.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

"My power is born in the majesty of silence"

Is this card a follow-on to the previous or is it a guide to how we should release and clear the past and heal the future? I feel it's a follow-on card.

Again purple plays an important role in this card, particularly in the lady's dress. So, again, the angels are asking us to invite them into our life and strengthen our connection with them. The dress is snug and fitted like a second skin so the interpretation here is that the angels want to become a second skin to us, whereby we turn to them and talk to them all the time, not just in times of trouble or worry. Yet at the bottom, the skirt of the dress is whispy and flowy giving the impression of freedom and free-flowing. So although the angels want to play an important role in your life, they don't have to be stuck to you liek glue, but can flow in and out as and when.

The other main symbol on this card is the moon. Coincidentally, or not, the moon is connected to water and tides, the primary theme on the first card. The moon is associated with our emotions and subconscious mind. As the moon is ever-changing in size and colour and ever-evolving, it implies that our emotions may be fickle at times, depending on our thoughts, attitudes and the present conditions in our life.  However, the moon also represent the natural cycle of life: birth (new moon), growth & life (waxing & waning), and completion or death (full moon). So things in our life should naturally flow, come and go.

The peacefulness on the face of both the woman and the moon indicates a gentle acceptance of the natural cycle of life and a stillness. Close your eyes and surrender to quietness. Don't give into the temptation of getting caught up in any dramas. Strength and power is born in stillness. Majesty is born from silence.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

Each card has a strong message in itself. But together, the message is even more powerful.

The angels are inviting us to let go of the past, release and cleanse, and heal the present without holding onto anything that may be holding us back because of our stuggle and, perhaps, stubbornness to fully let go. Doing so will give you greater strength to step forward. But whilst you clease and let go, also be compassionate towards yourself. The past is the past, let it go with love and without judgement.

Once you've released and cleared anything that may have been holding you back, there's a beautiful peacefulness that will envelope you and guide you forward. Releasing the past, healing the present, and stepping forward into stillness is part of the natural cycle of life. Releasing the past and healing the present allows you to step away and let go of any dramas that may be pulling you down. Your strength, power, and majesty can then shine through as you step forward into stillness, in the belief and knowledge that what lies ahead of you is blessed by the angels.

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