reprise, recovery, comeback


What message are the angels sending us through this card today?

Well, resurrection us about getting up and moving forward. A comeback is when you maybe feel you've been knocked down but you rise. It's about falling forward; if you fall over you pick yourself up and you move forward, and if you fall again, you pick yourself up and you move forward.

This is a very, very uplifting card, a very positive card because it's saying if you are feeling that you've been knocked down a little, maybe you're surrounded by people who don't believe in you, maybe you feel your light has been dimmed, maybe you feel you're not walking the right path at the moment; now's the time to really look inwards and pick yourself up and get walking forward again. Now's the time to re-invent yourself. Now's the time for resurrection. Now's the time for recovery and comeback.

Let's look at the card in detail. What do we see in the card?

The first thing I want to point out on the card are the 4 black cats. We don't just have one black cat, we have four. In Western culture, quite often the black cat is seen as a bad omen. It's seen as the witch's familiar. It's seen as bringing evil. But not every culture sees the black cat in that way. Don't forget, we're talking about a message from the angels. The angels never send us messages where we're talking about negativity. They want to turn anything that may be negative into something positive, so you move forward.

So, let's look at the black cat from a different perspective. Let's look at the black cat from a more positive perspective. It's a way I'd prefer to look at the black cat, anyway.

If you look at the cultures in Scotland and Ireland, the black cat signifies prosperity. For many sailors, black cats (on the boat) bring good luck whenever they're out on the sea and the families of sailors would keep a black cat at home, knowing that their loved one will come home to them. In Germany, if a black cat crosses your path, it's signifying that your wishes will be granted. If a black cat is considered a spirit animal, what that spirit animal signifies is that it's time to let you personal magic out, it's time to shine your light in the world, bring your own uniqueness and your own personality and personal magic to the world. If you want to invoke the black cat, it will bring you more self-belief in times when you think you're not worthy.

So the question here is, with the black cats on the card, are you feeling a bit unworthy at the moment and you need to invoke their power to bring forth your magic to the world? Do you need to bring goodness to the world?

We see 4 black cats here and, if you think of the number 4, you have 4 phases of the moon, 4 seasons, 4 elements (water, fire, earth and air), 4 points on the compass (north, south, east and west). So 4 symbolises order and it symbolises systems. It's a very powerful number in that it talks about productivity, stability, progression and growth. These are all very positive attributes that this card is bringing.

Unleash you personal magic into the world through the black cat and in doing so, because there are 4 black cats, you're going to become really productive, you're going to bring stability into your life, you're going to progress and you're going to grow. Already we've got such an amazing message.

The other thing that stood out for me... if you see her eyes and even the eyes of the cats. The intensity of the look in those eyes. It's like a sheer determination. "This is my time! I am going to resurrect myself. I am going to show myself and be my true self and shine my most perfect and unique light in this world. I am bringing my own magic to this world."

Such steely determination. And that's what the angels want for you. The determination that you can do this. And that you do shine your personal light in the world. Rise up and step forward again. Don't let anybody keep you down. Keep rising up, keep stepping forward because you are here for a very unique purpose. Nobody else can do what you are here to do. Only you can do that. So have belief in yourself. Don't think of yourself being unworthy.

There are 3 colours that have stood out for me on this card. The colour of black, not just in the cats, but in her tights and in her really beautiful raven-black hair. The colour of orange, again in her tights and in the crown, or whatever it is that she is wearing in her hair. And also the colour burgundy, again in her hair and in her dress.

For me, black is the colour (again we look at it from a positive point of view) of power, authority and sophistication.

Orange is the colour of spiritual growth.

And burgundy is the ambition, of intensity (like her eyes), of individuality (bringing your own personal magic to this world).

Again, it is being reinforced: bring your own personal magic to this world, bring your own unique light to this world because you can only shine your light. Don't  be like anybody else because nobody can shine your light and you cannot shine anybody else's.

Whenever you lean into the angels and grow spiritually so that you can shine your light, you'll bring an air of sophistication, determination, elegance and authority to yourself.

The final thing I want to talk about is in the background of this card. Everything we have talked about so far is in the foreground. But if we look in the background, at the picture behind, it's like it's a rising sun. It's like whenever you find yourself and you resurrect yourself, whenever you recover and come-back and whenever you reprise and repeat the success bit by bit by bit, the sun in your life will start to rise. Whenever you are not shining your light, whenever you are not bringing your own personal magic to the world, you won't grow, you won't find that your life is flowing and that there's a sense of order about it. It will feel darker and more challenging. But once you bring your personal light and personal magic to your life and beyond, then things will start falling into place. The sun will start to rise, the darkness will start to disappear, the challenges will start to fade away, because you are being who you are meant to be.

Take so much hope and so much comfort from this card because the angels are encouraging you to be who you know you are, to shine your light, to do what makes you light up, and to be true and honest to your soul and the light within you.

Bring your personal magic to this world.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Les Vampires Oracle Deck by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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