sanat kumara - light activation

Shine your light. Your internal guidance is coming through loud and clear

There are a couple of things, on this card, that I find really striking. The first, and primary, is the stark contrast between the glowing, almost other-worldly, white of Sanat Kumara against the darkness of the backdrop.

Immediately the phrase that comes into my head when I see this is "without darkness there cannot be light". Without experiencing the darkness, we can never appreciate the light.

As humans we need to see and experience extremes so we have some kind of sliding scale of understanding, so we can walk the path of goodness and love. Whilst all beings are invited to walk a path of love and light, without experiencing or seeing darkness, we, as humans, cannot fully grasp the power and importance of love.

In essence darkness does not actually exist. There is only light. Darkness is simply another form of light. However, for us to understand, learn, grow and develop as spiritual beings we have created extremes and opposites.

As the card already states, Sanat Kumara is about light activation. He is deemed to be an advanced cosmic being of eternal youth (direct translation of his name) who is dedicated to helping those living on earth to rise up towards the light.

Through his presence, he encourages us to shine our light for others to see, to shine our light for others to follow.

The other striking thing I'm drawn to on this card is Sanat Kumara's eyes. They are simply piercing. It is said he has eyes that are created from the cosmos. Using his piercing eyes he can penetrate your soul and activate its light, raising it to its brightest.

We are here, each and every one of us, to bring light to this world, to shine our inner light as brightly as possible for all to see. When we see the world around us is crumbling, when we feel the world around us is spiraling out of control, when we sense the need for change, that's when we can call upon Sanat Kumara to light our inner light, brightly. That's when we can ask Sanat Kumara to support and guide us in leading those around us forward.

When you start to truly shine your light you may find others drawn to you, that you are a magnet for others, just like a light is a magnet for moths. When people live in darkness, when they are consumed by darkness, the presence of light is something that draws them in, attracts them and leads them out of and away from the darkness.

Sanat Kumara, shining with the purest of intentions, is here to guide the spiritual evolution of humanity. Alongside his twin flame, Lady Venus, the "planet of love", considered to be the most spiritually advanced planet of our solar system, together they can help raise humanity through unconditional love. Unconditional love is the emotion that attracts one of the highest vibrations and frequencies and, as we as humans need extremes and opposites to help our understanding, uncondtional love is at the opposite end of the scale to fear and hatred.

If we are to shine our light and be part of the spiritual evolution of humanity, then all our choices, all our decisions, all our opinions must come from a place of love. Our lives must be bathed in love. As soon as we make choices and decisions, or create opinions, based on fear, our light will begin to dim. As soon as we allow the vibrations of fear and hate to penetrate our soul, our thinking, our attitude, our light will begin to dim.

When you find yourself being pulled down, being consumed, being surrounded by the dense and heavy emotions of fear, anger, hate, go into your heart space, your heart centre, and feel love. Invite Sanat Kumara to help you see love, feel love, express love. And, in so doing, your light can shine out of the darkness.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses

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