shamed... into purchasing

When was the last time you bought a beauty product touting to correct your imperfections? I’m guessing pretty recently.
No matter how much forward progress you think has been made (by introducing regular-sized models onto some catwalks or cutting back on photoshopping), the beauty industry is still all about achieving perfection and damning imperfections.
And it ain’t gonna change anytime soon unless you, Beautiful, take a stand… with your wallet.
You see the beauty industry still grows and how it continues to grow is by discovering a brand new ‘cure’ for one of your many age-old pain-points which, I might add, may not have actually been considered a pain-point by you until the media kindly made it so.
Let’s focus on two such pain-points as an example. Wrinkles and cellulite.
Both are perfectly natural, practically all women of all shapes sizes and ages experience them both at some stage in their life. So why should the beauty industry be so hell-bent on telling us we should do everything in our power, buy every product available to eradicate them?
Because by convincing us we should correct what the media claim to be an imperfection, the industry can continue to thrive and sell us their products.
But what if, suddenly one day you waken up and wrinkles and cellulite (as per our example) were no longer considered a flaw but were considered beautiful and evidence of a life lived? Do you think the beauty industry would be forced to close up shop and sell no more? Of course not!
You still need products to keep your skin healthy and nourished, right?
So why do so many brands continue to market to your perceived imperfections and your insecurities? Quite simply, because it’s easy and because it’s what has always been done.
But here’s the thing. There’s another way for the beauty industry to continue to sell skincare to you in a way that will make you feel beautiful without first homing in on and highlighting your ‘imperfections’; a way that will continue to provide cashflow for beauty brands (because after all a business cannot survive without cash) and that will make you feel beautiful before and after you use the products.
And it’s nothing radical and it’s not clever marketing.
It’s pure and simple and places you in the limelight in a way that will make you feel special and want to shine.
It’s marketing from a place of positivity and love.
When a business markets from a place of positivity and love, it doesn’t look to find and highlight perceived imperfections in order to sell products, it sells products purely by being honest about how that product will, for example, keep your skin nourished and healthy, and by making you feel even better about yourself without first knocking you down and making you feel insecure or even worthless before trying to rebuild you up by selling you a product that’ll ‘fix’ the problem. Indeed there’s no need to even make mention of a ‘problem’ in the first place.
When you choose to invest in the health of your skin, you deserve much more respect from any brand you choose to buy from than being told how imperfect you are.
Don’t allow brands to knock you down in order to try to raise you up by selling you their products. Invest in brands that want to help you maintain healthy skin, that want you to fall back in love with the beautiful and amazing woman they know and celebrate that you already are, and that want to raise you up further than you believe imaginable.
Because here’s the thing. You are already amazing, you are already beautiful. Honour that and expect others to respect you for it.

Viv xx