shield yourself

protect yourself from harsh or fear-based energies by envisioning a cocoon of helaing light surrounding you


How often do you shield yourself?

I refer to it as 'bubbling up' because I love the idea of a beautiful bubble, an orb, around me all the time.

How often do you do it? Do you do it on a daily basis? Is it one of the first things you do whenever you waken up in the morning?

This card is encouraging you, that if you don't shield yourself, if you don't bubble up, it's encouraging you to do so, to start doing so. Because, the thing is, whenever you're sensitive to energy (and many of us are; some of us don't even realise how sensitive we are to energy), we're taking on a lot of  energy.

It's like we're a sponge whenever it comes to energy. And the energy that we take on, we can't decipher whether it's positive energy or whether it's negative energy, whether it's good or bad, whether it'll make us feel good or not so good. We just soak it all up if we're not protected.

So, whenever you create a shield around yourself, or a bubble, it's creating a shield that will protect you from negative energies.

We can see, on the card, that this angel is carrying a shield and there's a reflection in the shield. I found it quite difficult to see what the reflection was. All I could seem to make out is that it's some kind of beast, some kind of monster, it doesn't seem to have a specific shape to it that's recognisable. It's just some kind of beast.

The angel's protecting himself by holding up the shield, saying, "Stay away from me. You're not going to come near me. I'm going to keep myself safe". Because he's going into battle and, yes, he has a spear because he's going into battle, but he wants to come out of this battle in one piece. And, therefore, his shield is a really important part of his equipment because it means that anything that wants to attack him physically, he can fight off, he can hold off. It can't get near him.

If we look at the bottom half of the card, it's very dark, it's very very heavy. I was attracted to the bottom right corner. Whenever I looked at this corner, it was hard. Again, similar to the beast in the reflection, it was hard for me to see what was going on and I got the impression there were faces in this corner. I don't know whether that's true or not. It just felt to me that there were faces everywhere, faces looking out at me. It almost felt like ghost-like faces, darker spiritual, heavier energies surrounding. And you don't want to surround yourself with those kind of energies.

Why have those kinds of energies come into your space, come into your energy, whenever there's so much beautiful ,gorgeous, uplifting and positive energy that you can tap into.

The other thing that caught my eye was that there seemed to be some kind of water on the bottom left corner of the picture. And whenever I looked at that water, it felt to me like it was leaking. And that said to me that your energy is leaking because you're taking on all this different kind of energy, whether it's positive, negative, or whatever it may be. You're just sucking it all in. There's only so much your energy-sponge can hold until it starts to drip and leak. And you're leaking out, possibly, good energy because you're bringing in so much negative energy if you don't protect yourself.

The final thing that really caught my eye, were the 7 stars. I looked at the stars and thought, "that reminds me of something; what's that reminding me of?" It took me a while to remember: it's the introduction to Paramount films. In Paramount films there's this huge mountain and there's the introduction where there're these stars surrounding this mountain.

Stars, for me, are about 'aim higher', 'reach higher', 'you can do better'. And it's saying to me, if you protect yourself in a shield where you keep out the negative and the not-so-good energy, you can choose to have a shield that is more permeable where positive and uplifting energy can enter your own personal energy but it keeps out all the negative and harsh energies that make you tired, make you feel ill, make you feel angry, that affect your emotions - keep all those out.

The stars were saying, as in the Paramount introduction when they surround the mountain, if you don't protect yourself, things will seem an awful lot harder, things will seem as if there's an obstacle on every path that you walk (the mountain). But the stars are reminding you, being above this mountain, that you can reach higher, you can aim higher, you can light yourself up.

It was the number 7 of the stars. I was thinking, "what's number 7?" Well there are 7 days of the week, there are 7 chakras. 7 is quite an important number. In numerology, 7 relates to a desire and quest for knowledge, for growth. It's about using your intuition, your inner wisdom, what you already know. That felt incredibly pertinent because it's saying to me, even if you don't routinely bubble up or shield yourself, protect yourself from not-so-good energies, energies that will be pulling you under, energies that are weighing heavy - look at the dark feeling and colour of the card. It's not good energy and you don't want that energy latching onto you. So you should have a routine where you protect yourself, you shield yourself, you bubble up. But even if you don't, the card is saying, use your intuition.

If you're in a crowd of people, if you are amongst friends even, and there's an argument going on and you don't feel too comfortable, just bubble up, create your shield, protect yourself. Just as Archangel Michael to step in and protect your energy, and he'll do it in an instant. It's not something that you ask for and an hour later it appears, it's instantaneous. So use your inner wisdom and intuition in situations that you think maybe aren't beneficial for you but you can't remove yourself. Ask to be protected.

But try also, I don't want to say 'as if you're going to war', but I'm thinking of the picture where the angel is going to war, that you waken up every day ready to go to war. That's taking it a bit far and that feels a little bit uncomfortable to me, but if it makes it serious enough for you to take onboard then I'm happy enough to use this idea.

Waken up everyday as if you're going to war and shield youself, protect yourself, bubble up so that the negativity, the harsh energies, the energy leeches, the energy vampires, the toxins... they don't penetrate into your energy. You want to keep your energy clean and clear and light because whenever your energy's a bit heavy, it affects your emotions as well, it pulls you under, and you start to feel angry, depressed, frustrated, sad. It's pulling you under.

You need to clean your energy and protect your energy every single day so that you can shine your beautiful light and have your light become the full picture rather than the darkness taking over so much of the picture. Let the light shine through. Let the light shine bright. Because the angels are saying you're ready to receive so much more, you're here to be so much better than what these negative energies are doing to you. So let your light shine. Reach higher. AIm higher. You are to receive much more than this.

Protect yourself. Shield yourself. And if you do forget every day, whenever you waken up in the morning, to cleanse your energy and protect it, and you find yourself in a situation that doesn't feel comfortable, lean on your intuition. If it doesn't feel right, just ask for protection. And it is, as I said, instantaneous. The protection will come through and you will be safe from taking onboard those energies. They'll bounce off you, they'll reflect off you like the monster in the card. He's being reflected in the shield but he's not entering the angel's personal space. He can't get in; the shield is protecting and its keeping away the energies that aren't good for you.

Because we are all energy, everything is energy, it's so important for us to look after our energy, to protect our energy, to honour our energy, and to keep it as high as possible so that we can live our best life without other energies penetrating our personal space, our aura, and pulling under our emotions, making us feel like crap. It's up to us to cleanse like you would clean your home on a regular basis, to cleanse your energy every day so you remain high and vibrant and your light can shine brightly.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Therapy Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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