shine brightly

stand out, be proud, individuality


It's difficult not to let your eye be drawn to the three tribal men on the front of the card. Look at their colours. How bright and colourful they are. And that's what you're being invited to be, by the angels. You're invited to dress in red, not literally but energetically dress in red; follow your heart, do what you're passionate about, follow your passion. Wear yellow - optimism, self-belief, positivity. Keep your vibration high. Try to remain positive.

Why are they saying that you should shine brightly today?

They're saying that you need to find your own self, you need to be your own self, to shine brightly. You need to let your heart shine and your soul shine. And that means that there will be times in your life when things are happening around you or in your life or in the world, that you don't agree with; they make you feel uneasy, they make you feel as if things aren't quite right for you. And that's where you need to stand up for yourself and be true to who you are.

Because, whenever you do what people tell you you need to do and it goes against what you feel is right, your vibration will fall, your energy will fall, your colours will fall and you cannot shine brightly.

The angels aren't here to tell you to rebel, to make trouble. That's not what they're here to tell you. However, in order for the world to see the right thing, in order for the right things to happen around you, you need to stand up for your ethics, your principles and your beliefs. You need to stand out and be honest and true to yourself. Because only by doing that are you shining brightly.

When you give in to what people tell you you need to do or should do, and you're not shining brightly, you're giving into a heavier vibration, one more from a fear point of view; a very low vibration. Whereas, whenever you are standing out, being proud, and being individual, you're coming from your heart space, the place of love. And therefore, your vibration is higher.

Look in the background at the waterfall. Because the waterfall is in the background, this is saying to me that the tribal men, in the foreground, are the real message which tells you to do what you're passionate about, be happy, be optimistic, be positive. And that will have an impact in the background. That will impact your life, that will impact those around you. It may not be an impact that you immediately see but it's happening in the background. And that's the waterfall.

Water's all about the emotions. However, if you consider a waterfall, the power behind a waterfall and how the water plummets over the edge. They're really powerful emotions. Don't try to stop your powerful emotions flowing. They need to flow. You need to speak out. You need to stand up for yourself.

The other thing about a waterfall is the water's always refreshing itself. So it's very cleansing, very refreshing. And when things are constantly cleansing themselves, that's where the green comes into play - you gain great healing. So you heal also.

The angels aren't saying that you rebel. They're encouraging you to shine your light, be who you are, be true to yourself even if it doesn't follow the path that everybody else is walking. That's whenever it can be hardest because that's whenever it can be difficult to stand up and speak your truth, to be honest with your heart and with your soul rather than giving in and following everybody around you or doing things in your life that you feel you shouldn't be doing.

The thing about these tribal guys, the Huli Wigmen, they're taken away from the rest of the tribe at the age of 14 and they're taught how to be huntsmen, how to care for and serve their family, how to make their headresses as well. They're taken aside and they are taught. And then they're returned to the tribe. And that's when they have learned everything about the tribe, they've learned their standing in the tribe, but they're no longer under control. So if they see something happening that doesn't feel right to them, well then they show their individuality by speaking out.

And it's the same with us. As children and as young teenagers and even young adults, we are taught how to live in society, we are taught how we should behave, we are taught certain ethics and principles; things that are considered good behaviour. And as you grow older, you can see things around you where you have to decide what your heart feels, whether it's right or whether it's wrong for you. What may be right for somebody may be wrong for you. And what may be right for you may be wrong for somebody else. But you need to be yourself, you need to be true to yourself, you need to be individual. Because only that way can you shine brightly.

It doesn't mean to say the path is ever going to be easy whenever you choose to be true to yourself. The path can be difficult. It can be strewn with obstacles. Because you may find yourself going against the crowd. And if you've ever tried to walk against a crowd that's moving forward, it's not easy. But the angels are encouraging you to be your individual self, to shine brightly, to be proud, to stand out. Because when you do and your light is shining brightly and you do so to the best of your ability in a positive way, other people will see your light. It's like shining a little candle in the darkness; other people will listen, they will see, they will understand and they will start to gravitate towards you. Not everybody, but some people.

So it's important that you be true to yourself, that you cleanse your emotions by being honest and true to your soul, that you heal yourself by being honest and true to your soul and to your own principles and beliefs, not to anybody else's.

We're all individuals in this world, we're all here for an unique purpose. You need to be true to who you are. So shine yourself brightly. Light the world up. Teach others around you. Don't preach, but teach others around you. Show others how you believe life should be. Shine your light in the darkness.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Ancestor Spirit Oracle Deck by Jade Sky, illustrated by Belinda Morris

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